Monday, January 4, 2016

Store Photos of GOTY 2016 Lea Clark's Rainforest House

Rainforest House Building Itself 
Finally, we come to this mammoth structure itself, Lea Clark's Big Ticket item! For those who have not been to a store before, any large item that comes in a regular brown cardboard box and not an AG decorated box has a little pad of "tickets" (seen on the wall of the shelf on the left side of photo). You just take one off and give it to the cashier when you check out. They will bring the honking, huge box out to you. 
This is a huge item and I have tried to organize it somewhat below. So whenever you're ready, let's start dissecting this!

Starting from the bottom! You can see having the room has walls and the front half is just covered by mosquito netting.

It's a nice sized room and although it's cheaper than Grace's Bakery, it feels more comfortable for me to look at compared to the Bakery which just seemed so squished. 

The floor is papered with this fanciful design and the white flowers on the back wall are also printed on.

The back wall has the subtle white flower design at the bottom, but is plain at the top. There is a small window. 

The two walls on either sides have these 2 small horizontal bars the same color as the wall. These are the brackets that the bed can rest on and the two different heights.

On the left side (of the photos), there are also two small green, plastic shelves shaped like leaves where Lea can display her goodies. Or let a visiting frog rest. 

The roof is lightweight. A flat, plastic bamboo frame is covered by a woven straw mat and then placed over the roof supports.

You can see how the flat roof has these curved pieces to help it fit over the curved center bamboo support piece.

Here is a photo of the underside of the roof laid out flat. The pointed end is the front end. 

On the back of some parts of the roof (center front, and one on each side at the end), there is a small hook where you can hang her accessories, such as the hammock, seashell string, and lantern.

The woven straw mat on the roof is tied down with simple string.

Here is what the corner looks like.

The roof can easily be lifted off the house.

Another close up of the curved piece on the roof that lets it rest in the center support beam on the ceiling. This curved piece is not nailed in place and can easily be shifted or moved. This becomes a problem later on when we discuss the hammock.

The front half of the building is covered with pink mosquito netting, hung up on this support bar.

On the right side (of the photo) of the house, there is an attached showering space. The other side of the house is plain. 

The outside walls portions are flat but have a wood panel design printed on to give the appearance of a rugged hut. 

The back of the hut also shows the window. The picture in the window is simple, thin cardstock and is double sided. One side is a daytime view of the rainforest with a waterfall (seen in previous photos), and the backside is this moonlit water scene. 

You can also pop out the window and leave it just open as an actual window.

This photo and the one below are just to show you how the bed looks at the two possible heights. this is put up high.

And this is with the bed brought down to the lower setting.

Now we're going to examine the shower. It appears to me to be permanently attached to the side of the wall.

It has a large shower head, a detachable showering head, a faucet, and two hooks on either side to hang things on like soap and her towel.

The entire apparatus is plastic, but I was pleased the faucet makes a clicky sound when turned. 

Both shower heads are molded plastic. 

My favorite part of the shower though, has to be these faux tiles. They're plastic, but really do look like bathroom glass tiles, even up close. I had to pick at them with my nail to figure out it wasn't glass. 

Okay, now we're on the hammock. Both stores had it displayed on the side hook of the rainforest house, though it can also be hung from the center hook in the house or on the shower side. The placement of the hammock will be a problem, discussed below. 

The hammock itself is well made and sturdy, from a nice, heavy woven fabric. The ends are drawn together and tied up to a plastic bamboo cross piece. 

There are folded pleats sewn in on one side of the hammock to form a "back" where the doll can rest without performing serious aerobatic stunts (unless they want to).

Now I stated earlier that the hammock has a problem relative to the roof, depending on placement. According to a fellow AG enthusiast I had the good fortune to meet at the store, Miss Maxine showed me that the doll actually cannot sit in the hammock on the side because it is too heavy. This causes the entire roof to slide off towards the hammock side, unless you put and equal counter weight on the other side to balance it out. Because the curved clasps in the center of the room are not secured in place, it makes it particularly easy to upset the hammock.

This is not a problem when the hammock is hung in the center hook location, but balancing on either side will cause some disappointment for those who wanted to display it this way.

Table & Chairs
The table and chairs are both plastic, but well molded and solidly made.

The surface of the table is textured to resemble tree rings with a few "cracks" in the wood. Not the smoothest writing surface, but an very zen piece.

3 plastic bamboo legs support the table.

I'm assuming you line the arrows up and click the legs in.

Although the chair frame looks nice, I felt the neon green seat looked "plasticy" and "cheap". I wish they had at least given it a woven cover, similar to the roof.

Base of chair

Side view

The frame of the bed is very lightweight plastic, but designed to look like the bamboo theme going on throughout the house. It can rest at two heights, depending on how you want to display it. 

The bed is not very wide, but big enough to hold a doll comfortably, and easy to take out of the house if you want even more space.

The pillow and cover are both some sort of brocade material.

The mattress is just covered with plain, light blue cotton. You can see the "weave" design on the base of the bed but once again, it is all one molded piece of plastic (though well done in my opinion).

Outdoor Stove
The outdoor stove is a separate piece that comes with this set, which can be displayed inside or outside, but.... as the name suggests, I recommend displaying it outside so you have more room and don't fill the house with cooking smoke. >_<

The entire structure is made from plastic, but still creative and uniquely done. You can press a button on the left (side of the photo) next to the fire pit to light the coals for roasting your meal!

Side view 
Both sides have a little hook to hang the tongs on. The brick base is actually molded to feel like brick, and is not a flat sticker.

Back view

Close up of chimney
It has her symbol (why AG? Why does this symbol have to be everywhere? XD)
The golden roof part does not come off. The surrounding stone frame is molded plastic.

On the bottom, brick base, there is another larger space which I assume is the baking area, though it does not have a fake fire in it. You can also use it as a storage space. 
The tile border on top is a permanent decal sticker, it is not actually textured. 

The bowl is plastic, but speckled, and very cute!

This is probably the most disappointing part of me. All the logs are part of the molded plastic front. I know it's unreasonable to ask AG to make an actual set of logs to keep in this space, but as an adult, this part does not appeal to me.

Parrot & Butterflies
Lea's collection is filled with birds, like this lovely parrot.

It's claws can grip the bamboo poles of the balcony, and chair by snapping on, and I believe it is interchangeable with the toucan from the fruit stand set.

Like the toucan, the parrot is also top heavy so you've got to balance him just so or he'll tip to an fro. I see this problem become more severe the more he is played with since that will loosen his claws further.

Parrot sitting on chair arm

The blue back of the parrot is covered with some soft of fuzzy, velvety stuff while the face and yellow front are just the solid plastic surface, though it is textured. 

Here is what it looks like in my hand (I wear medium sized gloves). 

The set comes with several thin, cardboard butterflies that you can stick all over her house.

The base of the butterfly has these sticky squares to help them stay stuck, though I don't know how strong these squares are, especially on curved surfaces.

Smaller Accessories
There are several smaller pieces that are a part of this set.

This is the fish griller, displayed with a piece of the salmon inside to show the fit. You can close it with the fish inside. 

Here it is without the fish. It is plastic, but the handle is textured to resemble wood.

Fish grilled closed

This basket is pretty large, and can hold all of her small accessories I believe, which is very convenient for storage.

Here is the interior with the lid opened. I can't remember exactly, but I want to say it was actually woven, and not just molded plastic. If it is plastic, it's pliable and really looks like woven fibers.

Here is her bath towel, with of course, her symbol.

Food items! Grilled corn, shrimp, fish, and papaya!

Backside of papaya (molded together), and fish.

The plate feels like lightweight plastic, but the fork is metal.

The drink is plastic and has a turtle decal on the side.

String of seashells! Even though they are plastic, they are heavy and solid, and very detailed. The cord is thick and can be hung from any of the 3 hooks.

I want to say this is a seashell shaped bar of soap.

The backside is flat.

The laptop is plastic, though in two pieces, so the screen can be removed. It comes with 3 screen cards you can slide in.

Here it shows the screen removed. The keyboard is not pressable, and the backs of the screen cards are blank. My favorite part is the tiny USB cable that actually fits into the slot on her camera! That was a tiny detail that made a big difference for me. 

The USB cable is permanently attached to the laptop lid but there is a space for you to slide it in when not in use. And as always, the symbol!

The vase is plastic that resembles bamboo. The sprig of flowers are a separate piece. Notice again, the symbol on the vase. I think the fabric flowers are really lovely in this set and look good in the house! 

Fronts of the 3 postcards
These are just simple simple cardboard, but lovely as AG doll postcards always are.

Backs of the postcards

Last but not least is this lovely lantern which can hang on any of the 3 hooks and can light up when you flip the switch on the bottom!



  1. I'm very impressed with this! I want to go to a store and play with the display house! (There isn't any room for it here, which is good!)

    1. Hahaha! I really love this, but also don't have the room. XD

  2. there is also a little hook on the top of the window where you can hang the lantern! i believe the seashells are too long and will hit the bed but the lantern looks nice there! thats how they had it displayed in the denver store!

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I didn't notice that hook, but I agree that would be a really nice spot for the lantern!

  3. Will you do a pic of the USB cable in the camera?

    1. I'm afraid I won't have time to go to the store for a while yet so I won't be able to take any photos for a few weeks. :(

  4. Will buy for sure! I'll need to buy some more space though...

    1. Hahaha! I keep looking at my room and thinking, "I don't really need a bed right?"

  5. Do you have mesuarements of the house and some of the accessories? Like the chair, table , basket? Please and thank you.

    1. At the bottom of this post at the end of the photos, there is a link that says "Back to All GOTY 2016 Lea Clark Debut Store Photos". If you click on that, you can get to the main page with a list of links to all of the store photos and measurements for Lea.