Monday, January 4, 2016

Store Photos of Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark Debut

I am so sorry for the delay in getting these photos and measurements up! It has been a crazy start to 2016 with traveling, classes starting, and catching the flu all at once. >_<

Thank you all for being so patient with me! Below I have organized the photos from the Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark's debut. These images were taken at two different stores so you get more variety. :D I did the measurements a little differently this time because my tape measure was too floppy for photos. I think this way may be easier to view but please let me know if you have any comments on it, either for or against. ^_^

I had a lot of fun at the release events! It was surprising to me to see how some of these sets were bundled and displayed, but overall I love how bright and tropical, and *different* Lea's collection looks compared to the rest of the store. :)

Lea Clark Doll & Accessories
-Lea Clark Doll
-Meet Outfit
-Exclusive Earrings
-Lea's Meet Accessories 

Lea Clark's Animals
-Sea Turtle

Lea Clark's Outfits
-Beach Outfit (Purple dress)
-Bahia Outfit (Yellow/Pink tunic top)
-Rainforest Hike Outfit
-Mix & Match Swim Set
-Rainforest Dreams PJs (Green romper)

Lea Clark's Accessories 
-Beach Accessories
-Rainforest Hike Accessories
-Ocean Kayak Set

Lea Clark's Fruit Stand

Lea Clark's Rainforest House

Lea Clark's Outfits for Girls
-Lea Clark's Dress
-Lea Clark's Messenger Bag
-Rainforest Dreams PJs
-Rainforest Dreams Slippers

General Store Photos
-Store Displays
-Debut Gift
-In Store Purchase-With-Purchase

Measurements for Lea Clark's Large Items
-Ocean Kayak Set
-Fruit Stand
-Rainforest House



  1. Love your posts! Thanks from Brittany's

    1. Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create for her!

  2. I have three American girl dolls ( Caroline, Isabelle and Truly me #39 ) And I am hoping to add Lea to my collection this February. :) I love her! ( Fun fact: In one of Lea's books, she gets harassed by a chicken. we have pet chickens, and one of ours does the same to me! I was like, "I feel ya Lea!" Lol )

    1. That's funny! I didn't know chickens liked to harass people! ^_^

  3. Yup! The one that chases me is a hen. Sometimes when you don't have any roosters a hen becomes the boss. And they usually like to pick on me. I guess I'm wimpy or something.

    1. Oh! I didn't know that, how interesting! I guess you'll just have to show the hen who is boss. ^_^

    2. Lol guess so. ;)