Monday, January 4, 2016

Store Photos of GOTY 2016 Lea Clark's Beach & Rainforest Accessories, & Kayak

Beach Accessories
All plastic, but well made plastic.

The sunscreen bottle is all one piece. The towel of course, has Lea's name on it so no other sea turtles can try to use it.

Doll flippers! It has her symbol on the front.

This is a smaller baby sea turtle, made of solid, hard plastic, compared to the plush sea turtle. She or he is about 3 inches long and wide from flipper tip to tip.

Don't run him over Lea! Kayak responsibly!

Eeeeeeeee! Look at the baby turtle coming out of the egg! 

Squinchy eyes! ^_^

Closeup of pattern on blanket

Lea's snorkel set! It says "Discover Bahia" on the white tube part.

The bottom of the flipper is plain and slightly ridged at the heel.

SPF 50, because Bahia's sun doesn't play around!

It's a Lea monster! Rawr! 

Cower in fear! 
I must admit I do like this snorkel set, and that it fits the face so nicely. I do not know if it is such a perfect fit on dolls with molds other than the Josefina mold.

The blanket rolls up nicely and can be easily carried.

I would worry about the strap of the snorkel goggles leaving a crease in the hair so I would not recommend leaving it on for weeks at a time. 

Rainforest Hike Accessories
This is a pretty hefty set so I'll try to go through the pieces to the best of my ability.

The bag itself is very nice. It's flat, which I personally like design wise, and it seems like the front pouch zippers shut. All the sets at the store were behind glass so I do not know if you can close the zipper after everything is properly stuffed into the backpack.

There is a clip belt in the front to help stabilize the bag. 

I do not hike, so to my inexperienced eyes, it looks really nice and detailed. :)

She has a lovely, colorful walking stick (made of plastic).

The handle has "leather" around the grip and and a black plastic loop for your doll to hold on to. I love the colors and think it's lovely!

These binoculars are plastic, but they bend in the middle and have grips on either side to slip over the doll's hands. 

*Part of Rainforest Hike Outfit*
Close up of watch face. 
We saw the watch leak last summer. The watch looks "cheap" in my eyes. The face is just a sticker and the plastic feels rather lightweight.

The green bug spray bottle is one piece of plastic. The brochure is a nice touch with information about butterflies in the Amazon. I love the Mango and Acai fruit snacks. XD I reallly want to open the packet but I must resist.... RESIST!

Ocean Kayak Set
I was excited but tentative about this set because I already have Jess' kayak set. However, I did end up picking it up because it felt different enough to me.

These are all the components that come with the set.

The kayak is made of a hard plastic, unlike the inflatable version Jess has. The purple seat is also plastic, and it has white hand grips on the sides. 
The bottom of the kayak has a clear piece of plastic and it comes with two reversible "windows" cards you can slide in to change the underwater-scape.

Here is the bottom of the kayak, and the other sides of the "window" slides.

It comes with a detachable sale which can clip into this hold here.

There is a space in the back of the kayak with stretchy elastic to hold some of Lea's gear and goodies.

Why do you keep trying to run over the turtles??? Stop Lea! Noooo! 

The sail is adjustable, so the shorter bar on the sail and fold in, and is controlled by a string the doll can pull to close the sail.

Sea turtle crossing Lea! SEA TURTLE CROSSING!!!

There is a sea turtle decal on one side of the sail.

It also comes with this life vest.

The designs do not go to the back, but the purple belt clip thankfully goes all the way around.

The kayak also says "Discover Bahia" like her snorkel set.

Gear stashing area. You can remove the elastic and reloop it if you like.

Front of her camera.
It is all one piece of plastic.

The screen is a sticker and none of the buttons are pressable. 

The paddle has handgrips for your doll to hold.

I like the colors on the paddles. :)

Here is Lea holding the string that works the sail so she can close or open it.

This is how the "glass" bottom looks with the window insert. The doll's legs fit exactly once the doll is sitting in the kayak, without much wiggle room.

And at the front (sail) tip of the kayak is a white pull handle to move the kayak. 



  1. It's hard to see and I did not notice until I was at my local store that The hiking backpack seems to be designed after a hydration backpack (like a camelpack) and even has a tube for drinking the water (see blue tube on one side). This makes this piece a MUST for me!

    1. Oooo! Thank you for letting me know! I didn't notice that but that definitely bumps this set even higher in my book.

  2. The watch actually comes with the Rainforest Hike Outfit, according to the American Girl website :)

    1. Thank you for the clarification! I'll go fix that right now. ^_^