Monday, January 4, 2016

Store Photos of GOTY 2016 Lea Clark's Outfits

Exclusive Beach Dress
I call this outfit exclusive because it is only available with the "Lea's Exclusive Collection" for $180 which comes with the doll, meet accessories, and this outfit. On the receipt, it shows the outfit is $28, but you can not purchase it unless it's in this set. I'm not too distressed personally because I was never and still am not a fan of the outfit, but this can been annoying for families who do want the outfit.

I do love the little butterfly clip though! It's adorable and looks great on Lea!

The glasses are fun, but it's a little to wild for my personal taste. They would pair well with Lea's Swim Set too. :)

Her shoes are one piece of floppy plastic, but I think that is intentional since they are beach shoes.

The clip is the same style as the one's that came with Lanie's Butterfly Outfit.

Side view of clip

Bahia Outfit

The sandals are definitely my favorite part of this outfit. They're really unique in the line of shoes, both flats, boots, and sandals, that AG has done and stand out to me.

I'm ambivalent about the outfit itself. I think it's nice but nothing to write home about nice.

The design on the top is decal, not embroidery.

Back view
The design on the shirt front don't go to the back.

The ego tag is on Lea's right side of her shorts in the back. 

Velcro closure for the shorts, and working pockets!

Side view of outfit
The design on the sleeves near the wrist does go all the way around.

Rainforest Hike Outfit
It was hard to get pictures of just this outfit because it was always paired with the Rainforest Hike Accessories.

I love this outfit though, and it's my favorite one from Lea's collection released so far.

The boots are the main colorful part and look solid and sturdy for hiking.

The headband is just a simple yellow ribbon.

Mix & Match Swim Set
It was also hard to get pictures of this set because it was always paired with the beach accessories and ocean kayak.

It comes with the pink ribbon headband.

Close up of fringe on yellow bikini top.

The pink rashguard part was always covered with the vest from the kayak set. >_<

But you can see the bottom! XD

Rainforest Dreams PJs
I normally am not a fan of the PJs sets, but this one is too adorable, and it's GREEN! I want to use it as a regular outfit. :)

Bow on front looks snip-able.

The romper is one piece, despite the elastic waistband giving the illusion of two parts.

Egoooo tag!

The material is really soft to the touch!

Back view

These slippers. I need them. XD
The girl's version looks nice, but Lea's looks like giant balls of green puff love eating her feet with comfort!

Side View



  1. Super cute!! I even like the beach dress exclusive, but the price is too much! It's $33 more to get it. They may technically charge $28 for it, but you lose out on the $5 off from purchasing Lea + accessories (which I agree are overpriced as well, but I can deal with it with the discount).

    Some of these outfits will be coming home with me though!

    1. Do they not do the $5 discount online when you purchase the collection? I purchased it in store and still received the $5 off for buying the doll + accessories. It would be quite unfair if that discount was not available for online shoppers. :/

    2. It is available online as well when you purchase just the doll and accessories, but if you buy the exclusive set with the purple dress, it is $180: $120 for the doll, $28 for the purple dress, and the full $32 for the accessories. They should at least throw in the 2nd book or something.

    3. Oh that's really disappointing. :( I received the $5 off discount when I bought the collection with the purple dress in stores still. It seems like the store checkout system and the online checkout system are different in how they handle this discount. That's such an annoyance for online shoppers to miss out on that discount.