Monday, January 4, 2016

Store Photos of GOTY 2016 Lea Clark's Girl Sized Outfit

Lea Clark's Dress & Messenger Bag for Girls

Front of dress & bag

Back of dress & bag

Front of Dress

Back of dress
I'm glad that the braided belt goes all the way around on the girl's version of the outfit even if it doesn't on the doll's version.

Front of bag

The closures look like buckles, but actually are the magnetic circular hole closure. I like this more as it's easier to handle.

Once you lift the flap, you can see there is an outer pouch that does not have a zipper, and a bigger compartment closed by a zipper.
I love zipper closures myself because there's less danger of things falling out and pickpockets. >_<

When you open the zipper, you can see the compartment is pretty large. The messenger back is bigger than Grace's purse for girls from what I recall, but not by much. It looks like it would comfortable fit a laptop and some books up to 15 inches (this number is my guess).

Back of bag with logo
It looks like the bag can be transformed into a backpack from the two rings on the bottom.

Rainforest Dreams PJs & Slippers for Girls
Front of PJs and slippers

Back of PJs and Slippers
The slipper soles have the non slip texturing. :)



Working pockets! Can't save a rainforest or anything really without working pockets. ^_^

They look comfy because they are. I'm not saying I squished them around... but I did. :D



  1. That bag and dress are sooo cute. :D
    I might get Lea soon, I can't wait!

  2. I love her dress and bag! I think I'm going to buy them :)

    1. The bag has a lot of room so you can fit a ton of things inside. ^_^