Monday, January 4, 2016

Store Photos of GOTY 2016 Lea Clark's Fruit Stand

Exterior of Fruit Stand
This is the second biggest set after Lea's Rainforest House so I have tried to organize it to the best of my ability. Let's go explore this set! ^_^

So first off, I want to emphasize the fruit stand does not fold (or at least I couldn't fold the one on display in the store). This was a hassle and annoyance for me as it makes it difficult to store and takes away some of the play value for me.

I'm going to start with this side of the fruit stand (I am calling this table side).

There is a little "branch" that sticks out the wall where you can let the toucan sit. The lamp and tongs shown currently handing on this are from the Rainforest House. They do not come with this set.

The table is wooden, and has a decal design of a mosaic wave on it. This design is printed on to the wood and not removable.

The "Make a Difference" poster and the "Turtle Crossing" orange sign (hidden behind the lamp) are printed onto the wall and cannot be removed. The menu holder is also permanently attached I believe. The other circles and green rectangle are stickers.

Here is another photo that shows the two permanent, printed signs, with the stickers absent.

The table is held up by this vertical, wooden support. The flowers design is yet another permanently printed on decal that can't be removed.

So that's the table side.

Now on to the "window side" 

The drinks barrel is permanently attached to the front of the window side. I am not a fan of all of these permanently stuck pieces and feel it detracts of the from "playability" of the set.

The 3 drinks do come out of the drinks barrel though, and there are indentions in the ice where the drinks go.

Above the drinks barrel and under the serving window is a 3 fruit holder.

And right above that are the wooden doors of the serving window itself.

When you open the doors, you can see the menu printed onto both sides of the door (I think it is also permanent).

The doors have a little nub to hold them closed so they don't swing wildly around. 

The sign is simply cardboard and has two sides, one that says they're closed and another that says to come back soon.

Interior of Fruit Stand
Now we will take a look at the inside of this Fruit Stand.

The walls are smooth and the red wood design is printed onto the wall. It's not actually textured that way.

On the window side, under the serving window is a plastic "metal" serving counter. There are 4 square fold holders, and 5 cubes of food that fit into these slots, so you'll have to be out of stock of one flavor. XD

Side view of counter
The two doors below swing open and is just a storage area so you can hide the out of stock food. XD

On the table side of the interior, the counter is continuous and wraps around there as well.

This basket holder is permanently attached and can hold some bread or fruit, etc.

There are two hooks underneath the basket to hang the spoon and ladle from.

The two hooks slide on the pole and are adjustable. (But you couldn't make the drinks barrel separate AG?)

There is a little hook under the counter on the table side so you can hang something there (like fruits, etc.)

The awning clips onto the top of the fruit stand and the toucan can rest on this as well.

Toucan: "Feeeeeeed meeeeeeeee"

Smaller Pieces from Fruit Stand
The underside of the mangoes are very red/pink.

All plastic. I think it's well made but the plate is the only thing that feels "cheap" to me. I'm using the word cheap to refer to how light it feels. 

Her symbol is everywhere!

This is the menu that goes in the yellow holder.

Toucan! Unfortunately it is top heavy so if you don't balance it just right, it will tip over easily, like in the last photo from the Interior section above.

The smoothie in the blender is stuck in there and slightly textured on top to look gloppy.

The dial turns and makes a clicky sound.

Coconuts in a woven bag!

Shopping bag! "Amigos do oceano" means "friends of the ocean".



  1. The "out of stock" fruit goes in the little blue basket thing :) It's really the fruit being sold at the moment.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! It never occurred to me that could be what the basket is for! :D

  2. The drink with a turtle graphic belongs to her rainforest hut not her fruit stand

    1. Yes it is! My store had it together with the Fruit Stand which is why it is with these photos but it is from the Rainforest House.

  3. What does XD mean?

    1. It's an emoji face, like :D, :(, ^_^, etc.