Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 19 - A Democratic Debate

Lissie & Lilly: A Democratic Debate (Photostory)

Sam: This one is fantastic! The color is completely appropriate for sleepwear. I think we should ask our Big Person to get this one.
Cecile: Look at this one, the style is so en vogue, so in fashion right now. What more could a doll want but to be the height of style while asleep? We must ask our Big Person for this one!

Sam: But Cecile, the one you have chosen is in two pieces, and the bottom part has pant legs! Think of how inconvenient it must be and how restrictive one’s legs must be. This nightgown is much more free flowing, and has such a classic look.
Cecile: Non Samantha! The draping look died with Marie Antoinette! These pants pajamas are now what all the dolls crave. C’est facile, it is much simpler to pull down the bottom when one must visit the bathroom In the middle of the night, than to lift up the entire volume of fabric in a night gown.
Sam: I fear I must disagree Cecile, and besides, we are dolls and do not use the bathroom during the night or day.
Cecile: Ah, mon amie, it is le principe, the principle of the matter! In fact –

Lissie: HALT! Cease! Desist! Freeze like an atom at absolute zero!
Sam: Why Lissie! Where did you appear from?
Lissie: My magnamous magistrating self will manifest to moderate multiple misunderstandings!
Lilly: What’s going on Lissie? Lydia Charlotte and I could hear you yelling up a storm.
Lissie: I heard the dulcet tones of discord!
Sam: Discord? Cecile and I were simply debating –
Lissie: AH HAH! Discussions to debates to discord! Let’s hear it then.
Sam: We saw our Big Person looking on this sale page for bed wear and thought we should advise her what we would like.
Cecile: The problem is, Samantha et moi prefer different night wear. J'adore this one with the pant legs and Samantha likes the nightgown.
Lydia: Could we ask our Big Person for bo –
Lissie: There is only one way to resolve such a delirious dilemma!
Sam: We are not going to wrestle Lissie.
Lissie: Then we can only vote! Vote like the democratic dictatorship this house is! But of course, it is our responsibility as voting citizens to be educated about what we’re voting on, so with that said, let the education begin! Move out my brave warriors of sleep!

Lydia: So this is what you mean by education!
Lissie: Of course! How can we make well informed decisions if we aren’t well informed? Everyone knows that’s the fastest way to topple an empire! Short of cheese sticks of course. Nothing topples like cheese sticks.
Cecile: Mais Lissie, what do we do now?
Lilly: I think we’re all going to test out both the nightgown and the pajama pants, then vote on which one we prefer.
Sam: That makes sense Sawako Lilly. Then I guess my nightgown choice is up first.
Lissie: Now I want a nice, fair battle to the death from both of you, you guys hear?
MG: Non Lissie, we will not have un décès, a death today.
Lissie: That’s cause the cheese sticks haven’t arrived on the scene yet. Now everyone, TO THE LAB!

Lydia: Is this our lab? Isn’t it just our Big Person’s bed?
Lissie: It’s only a bed when you sleep in it! At all other times it’s a vehicle for your laziest imaginations!
Sam: Shhhhh Lissie! You are disrupting the ambience of the nightgown. Do be fair now.
Cecile: Oui, and do not make enthusiastic proclamations during my turn as well, s’il vous plait, please.
Lissie: Guh, everyone has turned on their fearful leader! What say you Lilly? You wouldn’t turn on me would you? Not after we conquered the mountains of diet and gorges of exercise?
Lilly: …zzz…zzz… Mmmm…. What’s that Lissie?
Sam Cecile: LISSIE!

Sam: Thank goodness, I thought we would never be finished with our experiment with all of your chatter Lissie.
MG: Oui Samantha, it is not the most relaxing experiment when Lissie is in une passion.
Cecile: Now it is my turn. Has everyone changed into their pajama pants?
Lydia: We are all ready when you are Cecile.
Lissie: Alright Samantha and Cecile, shake hands and prepare for round 2! I want you two to –
Lilly: No Lissie, we’re not going to gouge eyes out either.
Lissie: Poppyfish toenails! You take all the fun out of a democratic death match Lilly! To the lab!

Cecile: Is everyone confortable?
Lydia: Yes, I believe we are all settled in.
Everyone: … … … … .. –
Lissie: AHHH!
Sam: Lissie! You could not even make it through 5 seconds of silence.
MG: You must learn patience, preferably dans le silence.
Lissie: Urck! My kidneys! They’re… they’re recoiling at being so still! That’s quite enough of education and being informed. Everyone, meet in the main room in 10 minutes wearing your vote!
Lilly: But –
Lissie: No buts Lilly! This is… democracy!

Sam: Why, Cecile! You are wearing –
Cecile: Samantha! Mais, you have on –
Sam: What is the meaning of this? I thought you wanted to wear the most fashionable pajama pants?
Cecile: I could say the same pour toi, for you. Where is your nightgown? Why did you vote for pajama pants?
Sam: Well, you see –

Lissie: Fear not, my confused compatriots! The arbitrator has arrived!
Lydia: Lissie, are you wearing… both a nightgown and pajama bottoms?
Lissie: That’s hooting pafruiting right I am!
MG: Mais pourquoi? Why?
Lissie: Isn’t it obvious? As the arbitrator I have to be fairer than an anemic vampire! That’s why I’ll unbiasedly represent both parties! Now, let's begin!

Lissie: Alright Cecile, we’ll start with you. Please defend your choice to the dollies of the jury in my most magnamous presence.
Cecile: Ah-hem, thank you Magnamous Lissie. I chose the robe de nuit, the nightgown. It feels so free and does not restrict me when I am sleeping. Oui, I admit it may not be the most fashionable item a doll may wear but no one needs to be so très fasionable in their sleep after all.

Lissie: Well Samantha? What have you to say to that?
Sam: I have decided I would rather have the pajama pants. The gown is too free flowing and it is most uncomfortable. How could a soul ever fall asleep amidst such disorganization? The pants provide structure and keeps the blanket and sheets from constantly rubbing against you.

Lissie: Well dollies and dollies of the jury, you’ve heard the arguments. Now it’s time for THE VOTE OF TRIBULATION! All in favor of nightgowns?
Cecile Lydia: Aye!

Lissie: Those in favor of pajama pants?
Sam & MG: Aye!
Lissie: The final vote is 2 to 2, it’s a tie!
MG: Non, it cannot be a tie Lissie! If you are not voting, there should be five votes.
Lydia: Wait, where is Sawako Lilly? I have not seen her since we left the lab.
Cecile: We need her to break the tie. Ou est Sawako Lilly?

Lilly: Here I am, sorry to keep everyone waiting.
Sam: But Sawako Lilly, why are you dressed in your normal clothes?
Cecile: We need you to break the tie, you must decide which bed wear you prefer.
Lissie: MUTINY! I knew I couldn’t trust you from the moment you told me vegetables are healthy!
Lilly: Vegetables are healthy Lissie, so stop feeding them to our Big Person’s puppy. And I’m not wearing nightgowns or pajama pants because it doesn’t matter either way.
Lydia: Whatever do you mean Sawako Lilly?

Lilly: See what I found on our Big Person’s desk. It’s a receipt. She wasn’t even planning on ordering bed wear for us in the first place.
Cecile: C’est impossible!
Sam: Why on earth was she looking at the sale page then?
Lilly: Listen, instead of sleepwear, she bought… a bed!
MG: A bed! Is it really true Sawako Lilly?
Lilly: See for yourself. I thought it was strange that she would buy more sleepwear, gown or pants, when we already have enough so that we could even carry out this experiment in the first place. A bed makes much more sense.

Lissie: Sense? Nothing could be further from the truth! Don’t you see the chaos this will bring?
Lilly: Don’t you like the idea of a bed-lab that’s our sized, Lissie?
Lissie: How can anyone like an idea without voting on it? Where is the democracy in that? And how can anyone vote without proper education and experimentation? You’re practically inviting the cheese sticks in to topple us!
Lilly: Oh no… Lissie… do we really need to –
Lissie: All in favor of an our sized bed-lab, raise your hand and give me a hearty aye!
CecileSamMG, & Lydia: AYE!
Lissie: The ayes have it! An our sized bed-lab it is! And now let those cheese sticks come! My empire won’t be felled this millennia!
Lilly: If you don’t eat your vegetables though Lissie, you will topple pretty soon.
Lissie: Look here Lilly, there’s only one fair way to decide this –
Lilly, Cecile, SamMG, & Lydia: NO!

That’s right everyone! Eat your vegetables! And don’t waste time voting on it either! The human body is most definitely not a democracy. >_< They don’t taste like chocolate but they’re infinitely better for your colon health! :D Cheese sticks… not so much. If everyone only ate cheese sticks every day, that empire surely would topple in one generation. XD (Says the person who loves cheese sticks and still tries to feed her dog her greens. I’ll work hard… No really… I’ll do my best!)

Actually the L&L girls have several bed-labs, all still unopened in their boxes because there’s no space in to unfurl them. ^_^’ I keep them because they’re so pretty, and because I keep thinking… one day! One day I might have the room to display everything! Ah… but it seems like instead of reaching that day, I just accumulate more and more stuff I don’t have room for. (Collector tendencies, you know?)

I always like the idea of a democracy where people can vote and have equal say, but I think in practice it is a very difficult concept to put into place. There are times were it can slow down a process indefinitely, and of course there’s always the difficulty that sometimes (always?) people vote on issues that they don’t have proper information on and aren’t exposed to both sides of the argument. Despite that though, I faithfully go vote every time I have a chance to do so! :D Democracy! Those who don’t participate in government really don’t have much grounds for argument if they disagree with the government. >_<

This topic (democracy and voting, not sleepwear) came into my mind because there’s been much talk among my med school classmates about the healthcare reform and how it affects us. The more I learn about it, the more my opinion is uncertain. I am learning you have to think about this issue from the doctor’s perspective, the patient’s perspective, the business aspect, and of course the political aspect. They all have different interests and goals, and it is near impossible to balance all of those fairly. I think it is good that my opinions aren’t so firmly grounded now, because it means I am learning, it means I am thinking from other perspectives, not just my own.

At the end of the day, only time will tell how these things will pan out! ^_^ Ah, but don’t wait for time to tell how your health will pan out! Eat your vegetables! (No… really… I’ll do my best to eat mine too… XD)

Thank you for reading Lissie & Lilly! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to your summer! Stay cool and enjoy the sun! (and watermelons, and swimming!) And let us know, are you a night gown person or a pajama pant sleeper? :D 


  1. I actually often pull a Lissie in the winter and wear a nightgown with pj bottoms!

    1. Hahaha! I didn't think anyone did that, but it actually makes a lot of sense for winter. :D I'll have to tell Lissie she's got to get more creative!

  2. My dolls wear 1950s style babydoll PJs in summer and 2-piece footed PJs in winter...

    1. Hmmm... more sleepwear to debate one! ^_^

  3. I always eat my dolls not so much. :)

    1. Ahhh... you're an example to us all. XD Hear that Lissie? We need to step up our veggie eating game!

  4. This is another great story of yours, and I like how you featured your collections of clothes: Kirsten's, nightgowns and pj's! My dolls don't really have nightwear, except for a nightgown I made... we don't usually put them to sleep, so I chose to focus on other things... But I do love all the nightwear and still regret not getting Rebecca's pj's and robe you were selling this winter! :)

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! I always try to dress the girls in some sort of theme, though it doesn't always make sense. :D To be honest, my dolls don't really "sleep" either since they're too busy having fun and causing trouble with Lissie as ringleader, but I still love the sleepwear! ^_^

  5. I appreciate democracy . . . Most days. I adore veggies . . . every day. They truly are my favorite thing to eat. Here's a recipe that might make them more palatable to the resident big person. Drizzle veggies with a evoo, sprinkle with salt and garlic powder. Bake at 425 for 20 to 35 minutes until tender with some crispy edges. (Time depends on the type of veggie). Delicious with frozen broccoli, fresh asparagus, fresh Brussel sprouts, carrots or cauliflower.

    1. Thank you for the recipe suggestion! I have never tried baking vegetables before (I usually steam or stir fry them) but that actually sounds really appealing. I wonder if it would work with mushrooms too? I'm such a fan of fungi! :D

  6. I like to wear a shirt and pants to bed, too. I agree with Samantha- Nightgowns are very uncomfortable! :P


    1. Hahaha another vote for pajama pants! I always found pajama pants very uncomfortable so its interesting to see everyone's responses. ^_^

  7. So happy to see another Lissie&Lillie episode! I've been eagerly waiting for one. I loved it, and all of Lissie's long, alliterative sentences! I may be the only one who wondered this, but the first thing I though of when the bed came up is "what bed did she get?" Please, enlighten me!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I am tickled pink you picked up on her alliterative sentences! :D

      The bed was Rebecca's Bed & Bedding! ^_^ I've always loved Samantha's but since it's retired, I think Rebecca's is a close second, and may be even sturdier. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

    2. So nice and elegant! I love Rebecca's bed! I hope one day you can have a room for all your AG stuff so we can see everything! From the extravagant outfits to the beds ^^

    3. That's so kind of you to say! Thank you! ^_^ I study hard in the hopes that one day I will have a home with a room for my AG collection. :D

  8. Ahh, the great debate!!! Very funny post!

    1. Thank you very much! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  9. I prefer nightgowns without long sleeves and preferably to the knee.

    1. I don't like long sleeves either, especially in the summer since it gets so hot. :D

  10. I'm going to have to take Sam's side on this one. I much prefer two pieces ^_^

    1. Hahahaha! Sam is cheering over here. :D

    2. I agree with Sam too:D

  11. I agree with Samantha, I always wear pants to bed for years.

    1. Hahaha! I think once a person gets into a sleeping habit, it’s hard to change it. ^_^

  12. I prefer pajama pants, because the skirt on an night gown pulls up when I get in bed. They also are very hot, and it's hot year round were I live. Go team samantha!! ;)
    -Nova ♡

    1. That's interesting! I actually prefer the night gown because the pants feel way too hot. :)

    2. i've been feeling like that for days.

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