Thursday, June 25, 2015

Store Photos of Truly Me Terrier, Hats, Shoes, & Hair Items from June 25 Release

Truly Me Pet/Hats/Shoes/Hair Items

-Terrier Puppy
This terrier pup is so far the closest looking to my own puppy so I have a soft spot for it. ^_^

-Tweed Driver’s Cap

Tops of hats

Side View. Buttons are decorations.

Underside View

-Fun Fedora
I can't believe they didn't have a doll modeling this fun hat! XD

-Silver Sparkle Beanie
Tops of hats

Underside of Hat.

-Rhinestone Baseball Cap

Back of Cap

Underside of Cap

-Sparkle Sneakers

-Shearling Boots

Opens with velcro on the inside side (non bow side)

-Sparkle Socks & Leggings

-Double Braid Headband

Three is a gold thread braided into the hair piece. Elastic in the back.

-Stylin’ Bangs

XD I can't stop laughing. XD This looks so random to me for some reason.

The clip on piece is a center part so woe to your doll if she doesn't have one. 

Can you see the black clip hidden under the top of the piece that attaches it to the doll?



  1. Yeah, the bangs seem kinda weird to me, too. I'd like to see them on a doll. "Now you can turn any doll into Gwen!"
    You consistently take such good, clear, well-lit photos. I appreciate that, thank you.

    1. Hahaha! That's exactly what I thought when I saw them. Now you can have a Gwen too! ^_^ I guess AG just can't break up with bangs. Thank you for your kind words!