Thursday, June 18, 2015

Store Photos of GotY 2015 Items for Girls

For Girls
Puppy Tee


Tag on right sleeve. So you know. You know?

The hearts have glitter embellishing. Feels like it could rub off with enough effort/wash cycles.

The bow can be clipped if it's not your thing.
Dots & Bows Phone Wristlet
Front. The glittery part is a pouch.

Large metal logo plate.

The glittery portion is covered with a piece of plastic so it won't rub/wear off easily, or leave your fingers sparkly.


Inside you can fit 3 cards and your phone. The sides of the card holder parts don't open. It's not another space.

This tag is enormous.

Bon Voyage Stationary Set 

The case is covered with a faux leather feeling material. The words and Eiffel Tower and embossed into it.

It's really really really cute. It's also really really really expensive. XD

The macaron box, suitcase, and the silver box can all open.

The mixer charm does not actually mix. >_<
Jewelry & Photo Keeper
I don't understand how this could be called a jewelry holder... XD It's good for either one really really really expensive bracelet or a pair of earrings.

Travel Case
Covered in faux leathery material.

Giant metal logo plate again. The cutouts are actually cut out pieces of leather and sewn on. It feels very nice.

I love the bow but since I can't retie bows so nicely, it limits how much play I'm going to get out of this. XD

Side view


Other side

Top. Handle has this heart curlycue thing pressed into it.

Bottom. Nothing secret hidden down here, no siree!

Inside of first (top) tier. It's lined with a satiny feeling material.

Another giant tag. One size. XD Isn't that obvious?

And in case you lose the giant metal logo plate on the front, here's another logo tag. So you know. You know.

Inside of second (bottom) tier. Deeper than top one. No logos/tags!
Baking with Grace (craft book)

Inside, book on left and craft pieces on right.

Close up of included craft pieces (doesn't look too substantial but maybe the box is hiding more.

I am usually not a fan of the AG craft books but I flipped through this one and really liked it actually. It has lots of great ideas for making foods and setting up a bakery using cheap materials like felt. It's definitely worth the price in my opinion because it offers so many ideas and projects you can really spend a long time going through the book and a really nice end resulting bakery too.

Back of box


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