Thursday, June 25, 2015

Store Photos of Store Exclusives, Sales, Author, & Misc. from June 25 Release

General Store Photos

-Grace Exclusive Spatula
AG is partnering with Williams Sonoma to release these spatulas.

One side has the cupcake decoration and the other side has the logo info.

A portion of the sales will be donated to No Kid Hungry.

-Store Exclusive School Supplies
(This was a complete surprise to me but I think all the items look wonderful! There are 2 designs of each item, a purple theme, and a teal theme.)

*Backpacks - $40


Inside the smaller front pouch.

Inside of main part of backpack.

Inside of main part of backpack.

Inside the smaller front pouch.

*Lunch bags - $20



Insulated inside

*Pencil Cases - $10

Inside purple pouch

Inside pink polka dot pouch.

*Folders & Notebooks - $10
Front of the folder/journal sets

Back of the folder. These are more like large envelopes than folders.

*Journals - $12
The covers are fuzzy and the silver stars are decal.


Pages of purple journal. The other one is the same, only pink.

*Watches - $10

If you press the watch it will light up with the time then blink a way in a few seconds.

*Wallet/Phone bag - $15
Bigger than the Grace wristlet.


Inside has a mirror, card holder slots, and pouch.

Pouch portion can hold a good sides phone or some moolah.

Other design

*Days of the Week Socks - $18
Socks. They're sold as a set of 7 pair, one for each day of the week.

*Wallet/Phone bag - $35
These messenger bags are large and can very comfortably hold a laptop. Bigger than Grace's purse and the backpack.

Back. There's only one design that I saw.

Inside is divided into 2 compartments.

-Grace's Author Mary Casanova
The author of the Girl of the Year Grace and Jess books, Mary Casanova was a the store signing books today! I was disappointed that they didn't have bookmarks or posters to give to people like they did last year with Lawrence Yep. :/ 

-Store Sale Items
I didn't realize there would be items for sale in the stores. I may have missed a few since I wasn't looking for them, but here are the ones I saw.

-Miscellaneous Pictures

Some of the cards that come with the Truly Me dolls now.


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