Monday, June 15, 2015

L&L's Summer Postcard Exchange!

*All postcard designs are posted here for everyone to view:
Thank you to all the participants! 

Update 8/10: All postcards have been mailed out last Friday. Addresses in the USA can expect them later this week or early next week. Addresses outside the USA, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. I will be posting all of the designs here at the end of this week for everyone to view.

Update 8/3: I have finished cutting the postcards! I'll be putting them in envelops and drop them off at the post office this Thursday or Friday so look for your postal worker by the end of next week (or a few weeks later if you're outside the USA). All the post card designs will be uploaded next Saturday.

Update 7/24: The postcards are printed out! There is still about a half milometer to a millimeter when it comes to aligning them on the front and back printing and this is just due to the printer itself and the variations when it grabs paper, etc. Still, for this reason I will be hand cutting the postcards and will hopefully have them cut out in the following week. Thank you for your patience!

Update 7/20: The postcards were printing out blurry but this is now fixed. Thank you to Yukari for helping me reformat the postcards at high resolution! I will be going to the printers sometime this week. Hopefully the postcards will be printed by the end of the week and ready to cut.

Update 7/14: The postcards have all been formatted. After printing and cutting, they will be mailed out.

Welcome to L&L's Summer Postcard Exchange! ^_^ This summer, L&L wanted to invite everyone to participate in this fun event to design and swap doll sized postcards with other AG fans around the country (and maybe the world?). 

Image from
1) You (and your dolls ^_^) are invited to design a postcard, either from an actual photo, on a powerpoint slide, in photoshop, paint, etc. and include a short message (no more than 25 words) for the back of the card. This can be from a place you visit over the summer, or just sights around your local town, or even from your doll's time period in history.

2) Email your postcard to us at with the subject: "Summer Postcard Exchange". The deadline is July 10th for me to receive your email. Your email must include your mailing address so we can ship the other postcards back to you. ^_^

3) The tireless vinyl staff at L&L will then resize the postcard designs we receive to doll size (2 x 3 inches), print them on thin cardstock, cut them out, and reorganize them and send each participant a postcard from each of the other participants so the more people that participate, the more postcards each person will receive. 

4) Please send $5 USD when you enter. This helps me to cover the cost of the color printing, the cardstock paper, the envelopes, and the shipping back to you cost. This can be done via Paypal (preferred), or by check/cash mailed to me.

Image from
5) When I receive your design, I will reply with a confirmation, as well as details for sending the $5, which ever method you prefer.

6) Your postcards will be mailed out by July 18th, and hopefully by the end of summer, your dolls will have a barrage of postcards from all over. ^_^

7) All ages are welcome to participate but if you are under the age of 13, you must ask your parents or guardian to enter the postcard exchange for you.

8) International readers (outside the USA) are welcome to participate, and there's no additional cost above the $5.


So in summary, in your email to you should include:

Postcard Design
Brief Message for Back of Card (25 words max)
Your Mailing Address
Whether you prefer to pay $5 via Paypal or by mail

-Deadline: July 10th-

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at the address above, or leave a comment here! ^_^


  1. Awesome! Is this limited to AG dolls or can I use a photo of my other 18" dolls?

  2. This is a fun idea and I'll try to talk my daughter into this as it would be a fun project for her and a little practice in English! We could even write a few words of French! I think it would be fun for you to get a postcard from Quebec!

    I have a question, though. Is the postcard supposed to be from a doll or from us? I mean, do we sing, for example, "Sophie and Florence in Quebec", or "Elizabeth and Felicity visiting Quebec"?

    1. It would be wonderful if you and your daughter are able to participate! ^_^ It would definitely be fun to get a postcard from Quebec with a few words of French.

      It is up to you who you would like the postcard to be from. The postcards will be resized to doll size though, if that's a factor in your decision. :) Thank you for your questions and please let me know if there is anything else I can answer!

  3. Wow this sounds like so much fun! I live in New Zealand and I would love to participate! I hope I can :D It's such a wonderful idea!!

    1. That would be so fantastic to get a postcard from New Zealand! I hope you will be able to participate. I would love to see your postcard design. ^_^

  4. Does the picture have to be your own or can it be one from the internet?

    1. It's fine if you want to use an image from the internet. :)