Thursday, June 25, 2015

BeForever Bedtime & Truly Me Release - June 25

Wow! What a release today! New bedtime sets for the Beforever characters, and tons of fun new things for the newly revamped Truly Me line. ^_^ On top of that there are tons of store exclusive back to school supplies for girls, an exclusive Grace spatula, and the author Mary Casanova was at the store too!

I had such a fun (long) day at the store taking photos of all the new releases and measuring them with my handy dandy measuring tape. It was a bit frustrating because everything was in a display case so people couldn't really play with the items so I did the best I could. >_< The photos are organized into categories below for ease of viewing. ^_^

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-Julie: Zigzag Pajamas, Bed & Bedding, Daisy Vanity Set
-Kit: One-Piece Pajamas, Bed & Bedding, Radio Set
-Josefina: Nightgown, Bed & Bedding, Nighttime Accessories
-Rebecca: Satin Pajamas, Bed & Bedding, Bedroom Accessories
-Addy: Nightgown, Bed & Bedding, Bedroom Accessories
-Kaya: Pow-wow Dress of Today

-Recess Ready Outfit
-Sparkle Sweater Outfit
-Basketball Outfit
-Mod Monster Costume
-Striped Hoodie
-Flutter & Fly Outfit for Bitty

-Terrier Puppy
-Tweed Driver’s Cap
-Fun Fedora
-Silver Sparkle Beanie
-Rhinestone Baseball Cap
-Sparkle Sneakers
-Shearling Boots
-Sparkle Socks & Leggings
-Double Braid Headband
-Stylin’ Bangs

-Hot Lunch Set
-Science Fair Set
-Flip-Top Desk
-Sport Storage Bench
-Slow Cooker Dinner Set

-Zigzag Pajamas
-Fuzzy Fuchsia Slippers
-Puppy Print Pajamas
-Coral Cuff Slippers
-Desert Dreams Pajamas
-Satin Pajamas
-Pom-Pom Slippers
-Embroidered Nightgown
-Blue Patterned Pajamas
-Recess Ready Outfit
-Striped Hoodie
-Rhinestone Baseball Cap
-Flutter Outfit

-Grace Exclusive Spatula
-Store Exclusive School Supplies: Backpacks, Lunch bags, Pencil Cases, Folders, Notebooks, Journals, Watches, Wallet/Phone bag, Days of the Week Socks, Messenger Bag
-Grace's Author Mary Casanova
-Store Sale Items
-Miscellaneous Pictures

-Julie's Daisy Vanity Set
-Josefina's Nighttime Accessories
-Rebecca's Bedroom Accessories

-Hot Lunch Set
-Science Fair Set
-Flip-Top Desk
-Slow Cooker Dinner Set


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