Thursday, June 25, 2015

Store Photos of Outfits for Girls from June 25 Release

Outfits For Girls

-Zigzag Pajamas


Bow can be removed pretty easily.

The left leg has decal/embroidered decoration.


-Fuzzy Fuchsia Slippers
GUH ego tags on the straps.

All the slippers have these knobbly bottom.

-Puppy Print Pajamas


Close up. The material looks like it's woven coarsely but it doesn't very too rough.

-Coral Cuff Slippers
Looking at these in summer make me sweat. -_-

Don't trip on the bow!

Ego tag...

-Desert Dreams Pajamas
Front of Top

Collar is actually embroidered.

Back of top. The material seems really thin. You can see the tags through it.

Front of shorts. Removable bow.

Back of short, aka what the front would look like without the bow.

-Satin Pajamas

Closeup of buttons and bow.

The buttons are functional but the top is stitched shut.

-Pom-Pom Slippers

-Embroidered Nightgown
Addy's nightie feels so so so soft!

Close up of embroidered collar


-Blue Patterned Pajamas

In a surprising twist, it's a decal, not embroidered. 


-Recess Ready Outfit


Pants, front

Zipper is fucntional.

Zipper opened

Back of pants

If you remove this bow, it looks like it'll leave 2 holes in the dress. It is not a belt and can't be tightened.

Unlike the doll version, the girl one has real pockets.

-Striped Hoodie
Star is decal. 

Back. Decal star again.

-Rhinestone Baseball Cap

"Jewels" are sewn on.

Back and inside of hat.

-Flutter Outfit

Butterfly decoration on shoulder.

The buttlerfly decoration on the shoulder will not come off easy.

Waist and tag.

Unlike the doll version which has 2 layers of tulle, the girl's one has one layer and it is a much softer netting.

Back view



  1. We have looked for sweatshirts for months at AG each time we go. So happy they are finally out! Now that its hot we can wait a few months and hope for a sale. Love the pjs for Addy for Dd and we both want Josies! I hope they will fit me. Ha! Thanks for the photos!

    1. Josefina and Addy's nightgowns are SO SOFT! Addy's is thicker so great for winter while Josefina's is pretty thin and looks really cool for summer. ^_^