Thursday, June 25, 2015

Store Photos of Truly Me Accessories from June 25 Release

Truly Me Accessories
More photos of details on the Measurements Page Here:

-Hot Lunch Set

-Science Fair Set

The knob on the side can rotate and extend the eye piece backwards. The top knob is a compass. 

You can look through the telescope! It really works! :D The compass is decorative though.

Sticker sheet and ribbon

Left Panel of Board

Center Panel

There are knobs on the back that can actually rotate the wheels on the front of the board.

I am really impressed with the quality of the board. I thought it would be rinky dinky cardboard, or similar to the card board used for actual student science boards, but you can see it's very sturdy and glossy (like the surface of a dry erase board).

The sticker sheet

-Flip-Top Desk

Sticker sheet for decorating desk.

-Sport Storage Bench

-Slow Cooker Dinner Set 
This set is FANTASTIC! It has so many pieces to play with, and the plastic parts feel like high quality plastic.



  1. The slow cooker set is SOOO adorable! :) Thanks for posting these.

    1. I love the slow cooker set! It's really well made! :D I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. ^_^

  2. Cooker set - yes, astronomy set - yes, lunch set - yes times 5. Oh wow. So much I want from this release!!

    1. Hahaha that's what I'm feeling with this release too! Almost everything wants to come home with me. :)