Thursday, June 25, 2015

Store Photos of Truly Me & Bitty Outfits June 25 Release

Truly Me & Bitty Outfits

-Recess Ready Outfit

Pockets are FAKE! 



Side View

The top flap is velcroed and can be opened.

Side View

This bow is a little harder than their typical bows to remove but still doable.

The scarf is perma tied in that shape and closes in the back with velcro, which was a real disappointment for me. :/ It reduces the playability of the scarf if it's design can't be changed.

-Sparkle Sweater Outfit

Tiny Rhinestone decorations on left side of skirt. 

Nothing on the butt. 

Closeup of Shoes

Side View

There is no velcro. The laces wrap all the way around the back of the boot.

-Basketball Outfit

Close up of shoe

Side view of outfit

-Mod Monster Costume

Ahhhh this costume is so funny! :D I love it! The giant hair is worn like a hat.

There is a small glittery spider and web decal on the left side. The ego tag is on the right side.

Close up of shoes

Paper Treat Bag

-Striped Hoodie

Back view. Silver star is a decal.

Pockets are REAL. Zipper has a little star on it. Another decal silver star.


-Flutter & Fly Outfit for Bitty

Two layers of red tulle on top of a pink satin underskirt.

Closeup of butterfly detail. Not easily removed.

Pink Underskirt

The shoes are so cute! It's not embroidered, it's decal.

Side view of shoes

Wings on the back! I've yet to see a butterfly with hearts around the border of its wings. 

The wings are worn like a backpack.

Headband decoraion



  1. My doll is modeling the recess ready outfit! xD

  2. umm the doll modelling the basktball outfit IS NOT the beautifu; #62!

    1. Hahaha I didn't even notice but you're right!