Thursday, June 25, 2015

Measurements of Truly Me Accessories from June 25 Release

Measurements for Truly Me Accessories

-Hot Lunch Set

-Science Fair Set

Height of middle panel

Height of side panels

Tripod with legs retracted

Length of leg extended

This is the top of the tripod where the telescope screws in.

Length with eyepiece fully retracted.

Length with Eye piece extended fully.

Circumference of tube

-Flip-Top Desk

This is desk height.

-Slow Cooker Dinner Set
The lid is 4 1/2 inches across long, but the entire slow cooker including handles is 5 inches across.





  1. I should be in bed now, but just had to keep checking to see if you'd had a chance to post.
    Thank you so-oooo-OOOOO MUCH for all the effort you put into measuring, taking pix, and everything.
    Lovin' this crockpot set. What do you think of it?

    1. Wow! That's exciting! I've never had someone wait up to see a post of mine. :D *feels happy* I'm so glad you enjoy the photos and find them helpful! It takes a long time to take them and edit them, but I'm thrilled it helps other people.

      I think the crockpot set is really adorable and well made. The food is pretty detailed, and made of the very solid, slightly soft (relatively) plastic. The cooker is plastic but looks very authentic. I do recommend it very much!

      The telescope is all plastic, including the legs. It does feel like more lightweight plastic, but it's still well made and I love the fact you can actually look through it, unlike the microscope they came out with last year.

  2. P.S. Is the telescope all plastic or are some parts metal (like the legs)?