Thursday, June 25, 2015

Store Photos of BeForever Bedtime Store Photos from June 25 Release

BeForever Bedtime
More photos of details on the Measurements Page Here:

-Julie: Zigzag Pajamas, Bed & Bedding, Daisy Vanity Set

Julie in her new PJs.

VERY plastic vanity.

Brush and bristles are plastic. 

Vanity stool. The fur can't be good for dolls who have butt sweats. >_<

Slippers from Julie's PJs.


Detail on cover and beads on bed.

Back view of vanity.

Bright orange mattress

This is the top of the vanity where the table/mirror portion attaches. You can tell from the picture how very very very plasticy this piece looks. I think it's cute, but looks more like something from the Bitty line than the BeForever line.

-Kit: One-Piece Pajamas, Bed & Bedding, Radio Set

Onesie PJs. Grace is having none of this.

Side View

Slippers that come with PJs

Throw pillow is embroidered and quilted, which was a pleasant surprise. I thought it would just be printed on.

Quilt. The large squares are printed, but the squares are all sewn together like a quilt though.

Radio! Either plays 1930's news or you can plug it into your music device and play music on it. You can also hook it up to speakers to better hear the 1930s news I supposed. :D

Close up of dials.

Back view of radio. You can see where the jack plugs in.

Decoration at baseboard of bed.

Hurray for the return of the books!

-Josefina: Nightgown, Bed & Bedding, Nighttime Accessories

Josefina's new nightgown with her Nina doll

Quill, ink pot and journals

Ink pot is plastic and "half filled" with ink.

Nina's revamped eyes looks strange to me. I prefer her dot eyes from before. The candle holder is plastic. The candle is removable.

Close up of lace detail on nightgown

Blanket still looks woven and authentic. 

Pillow and mattress

You can see where the pieces of the headboard attaches to the legs.

Side view. You can see the fringe from the blanket.

I love the detailed clasp for one of her journals.

-Rebecca: Satin Pajamas, Bed & Bedding, Bedroom Accessories

Rebecca in her satin PJs with her bedtime accessories.

Close up of accessories. LOVE the little nesting dolls even if they are plastic. The dominoes are cute and the lace doily and crochet hook are to die for. :D

The metal bed frame is not white instead of pink and the bedding is a lavender though the design is still the same.

Closeup of button on end of round pillow.

Rebecca's book, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is an actual mini book. ^_^

-Addy: Nightgown, Bed & Bedding, Bedroom Accessories

It's blue blue blue now!

Checked pillow and book

Lamp is plastic but does light up! 

I really love the speckling on the wood parts of the bed. I can't remember if the previous version was decorated this way.

The large squares on the quilt  are sewn down, but the images on the squares are printed on. The trim looks like 2 layers but it's only one. The edges are embroidered, not printed on.

Addy's new Nightgown

Closeup of embroidery detail at top

EEEEEE! Ida Bean is back! The store I was at didn't have any of Addy's bedtime accessories in stock so I couldn't feel one in person.

Another view of the lamp.

Back view of Addy's Nightgown

Booties that come with her nightgown.

The bed is still a rope bed! Also front view of booties.

-Kaya: Pow-wow Dress of Today 

Close up of sleeve and fringe

Actual embroidery on top!

Close up of belt

Close up of boots, actual emboridery

Side View

Top Side View

Comb close up. It's embroidered too!



  1. Wow, thank you so much for all the pictures. Thank you for documenting everything with such careful thoroughness. Addy's bedtime accessories are a must, as are Rebecca's and Josefina's. (however, I'm gonna wait for the inevitable sale to buy...)
    I love Addy's oil lamp and her crocheted? slippers.
    Usually I prefer wood to plastic, but in the case of Rebecca's nesting dolls, I'm glad they're made of plastic because that will hold up much better than wood that thin could hope to.
    Can't sleep, Julie's owl clock will eat me XD

    1. I'm thrilled you find the photos fun and helpful! ^_^ All the bed time accessories are so so nice! I'm in the same boat as you though, on waiting for sales. :D I think Rebecca's bed time accessories are my favorite this time. I've been craving nesting dolls for her ever since I read the first page of her book, and that crochet hook is too beautiful to miss.
      (Julie's clock hands can moveeeeee!)

    2. The pattern on Addy's bed is called "fly speckled," and yes, her original bedroom furniture had it.

    3. Thank you for letting me know! I really like the design but I guess I just never noticed it on the darker wood of her original bed. :)

  2. Oh yes, and Kit's radio is a -must-, too. Now that I see it has all those lovely authentic details, I'm excited about it. I'm particularly pleased they got the old-timey fabric cover over the inner speakers right.

    1. Ooo, I didn't realize it was a fabric cover. It looked a lot like straw so that's what I guessed it was but fabric makes a lot more sense. :D

  3. I really like Josefina's things. Funny enough, I never really liked her aesthetic until very recently. Kaya's is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think I've always liked Josefina's collection, but it was so different that I had a hard time picturing it under the "same" doll house roof so I've always admired it from afar. I'm really looking forward to seeing her new items this fall! ^_^

  4. Thanks for all the lovely close-up pictures. I love the bedtime sets, especially the books!

    1. I love the books too! I am so glad AG brought them back. ^_^

  5. Love Kayas outfit, Addys pjs, bedtime accessories and bed. I have her other bed but I will get this one, too! She will get a roommate! Gosh...I love Rebeccas bedtime accessories and pjs, too. I have her bed from the DD sale last year but AG did a cute job on this one too. Julie's stuff is hideous...accurate or not...its too much plastic for me & Dd now.
    Thanks for the photos!

    1. Hahaha! Addy's new bed is really cute and it would look super cute with her original bed too. ^_^ I'm not super keen on Rebecca's new pajamas, but I love love love her bed time accessories, especially the nesting dolls. And I agree, as colorful as Julie's stuff is, it's just too plastic for my taste now. Glad you enjoyed the photos!