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Lissie & Lilly: Episode 20 - It's Dangerous, It's Contagious, It's Collecting

Has it really been so long since I last posted a photostory? Egads! Well here's another chapter in the life of the L&L crew! ^_^

Lissie & Lilly: It's Dangerous, It's Contagious, It's Collecting (Photostory)

Cecile: Heehehe! I am so excited!
Lissie: Ahoy! It’s a Cecile off starboard!
Cecile: Lissie! Lydia Charlotte! What are you two doing?
Lissie: It’s not what we’re doing, but what we’re about to do that you should be intrigued by! Mayhem! Chaos galore! And perhaps a dash of paprika for posterity!
Lydia: I am about the practice my cello, and Lissie said she would come practice with me.
Cecile: Mais Lissie, you cannot play the cello I thought?
Lissie: And that’s why I have sticks to bang on random objects in rhythmic enthusiasm!
Lydia: Did you just get back from shopping Cecile?
Cecile: Oui! I will show you when you two return! Have fun hitting things Lissie!

Cecile: Ahhhh…. Je suis très heureuse! I am so happy! I cannot believe I bought such an expensive doll but she is so beautiful! It was like she was telling me she wanted to come home with me. Definitely worth the price! How could anyone resist such charme? Just look at that smiling expression!

Lilly: She certainly does have a very pleasant face.
Cecile: Ah! Sawako Lilly! You startled me. I did not hear you arrive.
Lilly: I think you were very focused on praising the doll. Isn’t that an American Girl doll? Aren’t they terribly expensive?
Cecile: Oui, c’est cher, it is expensive, but it is not just a doll Sawako Lilly, look!

Cecile: See, the doll herself is made to the highest quality, and on top of that it comes with a book! It is educational, non? You can learn about the doll’s time period in her story.
Lilly: That is very nice, but I can’t imagine that book alone is worth the high price tag.
Cecile: Ah, non, it is the doll! Look at how spirited she looks! I am so… so ecstatic!
Lilly: Well as long as you’re happy, we’ll all be happy for you too.
Cecile: Merci Sawako Lilly, I will let you all read the book.

Cecile: Ah, mon amie, now where shall I put you? Oh, I’ll set the book down here. I am sure I will read it later. But you and I, Ruthie, will have such fun! My heart! How can one feel such joy and such guilt at once? Is this guilty pleasure? It is so… so américain!

The Next Day
Cecile: Bonjour Ruthie! I have returned! And you will not believe this but –

MG: Bonjour Cecile!
Cecile: Marie-Grace! Why did you sneak up on me?
MG: Sneak? Moi? Non Cecile, I saw you sneaking inside so I came to see what you were doing. Is that… Is an American Girl doll? But don’t you already have one?
Cecile: Non! I mean, oui, she is, but let me explain!

Cecile: See, yesterday I bought Ruthie, but she is a historical doll.
MG: But I thought that is good because you can learn history from her?
Cecile: Oui Marie-Grace, but you see, this doll looks just like me! I always wanted a mini me doll.
MG: C’est très jolie, it’s very pretty Cecile, mais are you sure you need two?
Cecile: Of course! I must have at least one historical and one mini me you see?
MG: At least?
Cecile: Do not worry for me, Marie-Grace! I know my limit.
MG: Well as long as you are being responsible and it makes you happy, I am happy for you too.

The Third Day
Cecile: Teehehehe! I made it in without being seen.
Sam: Hello Cecile!
Cecile: AH! Samantha! You gave me a scare! I did not know you were in the parlor.
Sam: Lissie was conducting an experiment comparing her rocket launcher with her medieval catapult army so I came in here to read in quiet. What is that you have with you?

Cecile: Ah Samantha, let me show you, I know you will understand! Regarde!
Sam: Why Cecile! Is that an American Girl doll?
Cecile: Oui! And not just any American Girl doll, it is a Caroline!
Sam: I am afraid I do not understand. Why makes Caroline so special?
Cecile: Because she is being archived! If I do not buy her now I will never be able to, and I know I will have many regrets!
Sam: But if I recall, could you not use eBay? That is where our Big Person buys our things.
Cecile: Non Samantha! I would not be able to pick her out in person. How could I check her wig for thickness? Her eyes to make sure they are even?
Sam: I… see… Well I will let you enjoy your new doll Cecile. I am glad to see you so happy.

Lilly: Oh Samantha! Why are you in the kitchen? I thought you were reading the parlor until Lissie’s path of destruction was over?
Sam: Well I was in the parlor, but Cecile just came home and I thought I would give her some space to enjoy her new doll.
MG: What? A new doll? But she just bought a new doll yesterday!
Lydia: Did she buy one yesterday? Lissie and I saw her come in two days ago with a doll too!
Lilly: Yes, I saw it too! Wait… let’s see, that makes 3 dolls in 3 days!
MG: Mon Dieu, that is a lot of dolls.
Sam: Yes it is Marie-Grace. This can’t continue Sawako Lilly.

Lilly: You’re right Samantha. Cecile is starting on a dangerous path and we’ve got to stop her before it’s too late!
Lydia: I agree, or else her dolls will turn us out of house and home at this rate.
Lilly: Is everyone in agreement then? We’ll talk to Cecile about her dolly buying habits?
Sam, MG, and Lydia: Yes!

Lilly: Cecile? Could we talk with you?
Cecile: Oui, absolutely Sawako Lilly. What is the matter? Why do you all look so serious? Did Lissie break something important?
Sam: I am afraid it is not Lissie this time Cecile. We wanted to talk to you about your dolls.
Lydia: Specifically how quickly you’re acquiring them.
Cecile: Je ne comprends pas! I do not understand! What is wrong with my dolls?
MG: Cecile, do you realize it has only been three days and yet you already have three dolls? Do you not feel it is trop… too excessive?
Cecile: Non! It is not so bad! I do not have a probl–

Lissie: Cecile! I accidentally hit the postman with a bar soap launched from my catapult. He’s unconscious right now, but he dropped this box addressed to you.
Cecile: Lissie! Uh… Non! There is some mistake! That box is not for me!
Lissie: Really? It says Cecile Rey X on it though. Are you being someone else today?
Lilly: Cecile… What is in that giant box?
Cecile: Do not look! It is nothing! Nothing important! Didn’t you have something you were saying to me?
Sam: Yes… something about having too many dolls too soon.
Lydia: And I believe you were saying you do not have a problem, and yet…
MG: Cecile! Say it isn’t so! What is in the box?
Lissie: Oh fuss and fluffy pajama bottoms, just open the box already. If it’s not Cecile’s we can still get it to the postman before he regains conscious.

Sam: Oh my goodness!
Lydia: Cecile!
Lilly: I can’t believe you bought 4 more dolls!
Lissie: More fodder for the cannon!
MG: Cecile, what do you have to say for yourself?
Cecile: It is not what it looks like! Really! C'est une erreur! This is all a misunderstanding.

Cecile: You see, I wanted everyone to have a doll so we can all play together with them.
Lydia: These… are for us?
Cecile: Oui Lydia Charlotte! Do you like yours?
Lydia: Why, I must admit I do! She has such a lovely face!
MG: Mine looks like me! We even have the same hairstyle!
Sam: Is mine a historical doll?
Cecile: Oui Samantha, because you like to read so I thought you would enjoy her story. Et Lissie, what do you think of yours?
Lissie: Hmmm… she looks like me, she moves like me… but does she launch soap bars at postal workers like me?
Cecile: Sawako Lilly, you have been very quiet. Are you very angry?
Lilly: I only have one question Cecile.
Cecile: Qu'est-ce que c'est? What is it?
Lilly: … Do you think we could go to the American Girl store tomorrow?

Nooooo girls! Don’t give in to the dark side!!! XD Once you fall down the dolly slope there’s no saving yourselves! And your poor Big Person can’t support all of your collections. You’ll have to get part time jobs!

Hahaha! This was a really fun photostory to make, and a little too true to life to be fiction. *looks away* I was gifted Lissie when I was very young and at the time, I thought since she was my favorite character, I wouldn’t need any other doll aside from her. Then several years later as an adult about to enter medical school, I rediscovered her and decided I needed someone more calm and studious to study with me when I started my classes, so Sawako Lilly joined the family.

Perfect, I thought. My favorite historical character, and my favorite modern character! I’m fully content. But then… somehow… when the opportunity came, Samantha appeared on my doorstep. No no no, a trio is just fine, I thought. I’m completely satisfied with a trio.

But then… stupid Jill’s Steals & Deals happened and Cecile & Marie-Grace were gifted to me by a professor who knew how much I loved the dolls. Well, it can’t be helped I thought. After all, Cecile is the most beautiful ever created by AG and both her and Marie-Grace have such unique looks and are both interesting characters. They add such dimension to my L&L family. But really, that’s enough. No more.

UGH! But then a dear friend gifted me the irresistibly talented, beautiful Lydia Charlotte as a congratulations present for successfully finishing my first semester of medical school and I fell, hook line and sinker.

Well… there was no saving me after that. A string of presents, sales, and winning a fantastically generous giveaway by Mirenithil soon doubled, no… actually quintupled my dolly family. >_< And now? Now once again I am going to say I am fully saturated. But of course you all know how this story ends. :D Isn’t that how collecting works?

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this episode of Lissie and Lilly! It’s always so much fun to make these photostories and see everyone’s comments. ^_^

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*Important Note: Originally the title of this episode was "Collecting is Addicting." I liked the rhyming nature of the title, but realized that it could be very crude and insulting to those who truly suffer from addiction. I want to stress that actual addiction is a terrifying force, and a very serious matter, not to be taken in jest. Addiction ruins lives, not just of the person suffering from it, but also their family and others they touch. 

As a society, we are quick to place the blame on the individual with addiction, but I firmly believe this is more harmful and breeds hate and misunderstanding. People who suffer from addiction often do not make a choice to "be addicted". For example, many of them are genetically predisposed. Where one beer would not cause the general population any harm, for someone who is genetically predisposed, that one beer opens the gate to an unstoppable, compelling urge which the vast majority will never have to combat. 

Addiction can take many forms, to alcohol, to drugs, to food, etc. For an individual with addiction, their mind is not their own, and while that does not excuse their actions, especially if they cause harm to others, it is something everyone should keep in mind when interacting with these individuals. No one wants to be addicted. If you know someone who struggles with addiction please be patient and supportive of their efforts to address their addiction. I know this is just doll blog, but I really hope those who read this take these words to heart. Thank you for reading!*


  1. You. Are. Amazing.
    The story is charming and the footnotes are sensitive.

    1. Thank you thank you! ^_^ Thank you especially for taking the time to read the footnotes!

  2. This story was hilarious and so, so true! I loved it! I was laughing when I read it!XD

    1. I'm so glad the story was able to make you laugh! Thank you! :)

  3. Ai yai yai, does this ever hit close to home for me. XD
    My favorite lines:

    "Lilly: I think you were very focused on praising the doll. Isn’t that an American Girl doll? Aren’t they terribly expensive?"
    (I appreciate the irony of an AG doll saying that. XD)

    "What is the matter? Why do you all look so serious? Did Lissie break something important?"
    (Lissie, Lissie, Lissie. Your reputation precedes you.)

    "Lilly: … Do you think we could go to the American Girl store tomorrow?"

    "Now once again I am going to say I am fully saturated. But of course you all know how this story ends. :D Isn’t that how collecting works?"
    Eeeeeyup. XD

    1. Hahahaha! You picked out some of my favorite lines too! :D I don't think the girls appreciate how much they cost... XD

  4. This was an awesome photostory! The truth in it made it all the more funny. ;)
    I love all of your dolls' personalities. :)


    1. Thank you very much! ^_^ I think it's something almost all collectors can relate to. :D

  5. I love your photo stories -- this one is no exception! Especially since I just got my very first mini-doll yesterday -- Maryellen. (I haven't yet figured out whether she's going to be a doll's doll or just one of the gang. You know, sometimes Lindsey's time travel device malfunctions...)

    1. Congratulations on your first mini doll! I think mini Maryellen is really cute. ^_^ There's no reason she can't be a doll's doll and one of the gang too right? Especially with a malfunctioning time machine. ^_~

  6. Hmmm... This remainds me of when I started collecting, first I got ivy, some days later I bought number 24, and three months later I bought caroline. Then I decided that I was not going to get a doll again but, 2 years later I got maryellen and grace :-P

    1. Hahaha! Then you've also fallen down the slippery slope! :D At least we have dolls down here? ^_^

  7. So cute! I enjoyed this and definitely can relate!

    1. Thank you! ^_^ It's definitely more fact than fiction.

  8. LOL! Yeah, I've been here. Not so much with dolls, but with their clothes. (Looks at the full rack of dolly clothes in the back storage room; sighs.) And I do have mini Marie-Grace and Cecile; they belong to my Disney Animator's Collection Toddlers Cinderella and Tiana respectively. (I also have mini-Julie, who belongs to Toddler Merida.) I especially love Lilly's last line. ;)

    1. Oh yes, so much with their clothes! ^_^ I'm a completionist for the historical outfits so it really starts to take over my closet pretty quickly. XD

  9. I love this!! It feels like that I'm guessing a lot of us go thru with our dolls and collecting!

    1. Hahaha yes! It's that familiar path collectors walk down. :D

  10. Did you film me and make a photo story of my life??? Okay, I know you didn't. But still...

  11. So very close to home for a lot of us. I don't have the lots and lots of dolls, but outfits are another story! Our wardrobe is so huge we could probably change each day and maybe not repeat an outfit (pieces yes, complete outfits no). LOL

    Great story! Thank you for sharing this. LOVE all the minis!

    1. Hahaha yes definitely to the wardrobe! I don't think I could even make a photo story for that, it would take up too much space to fit in the camera frame. :D

      Thank you for stopping by and reading and commenting! ^_^

    2. Haha, this so funny and true! I started with two dolls, and now my collection has expanded to 26! Great dolls you have, they are all so breathtaking! Thanks for posting!

    3. Thank you very much! :) I'm always surprised whenever I turn around and see the vinyl army grow each time!

  12. I had a question about your doll collection. On your Meet the Dolls page, you have the dolls that are in the Lissie and Lilly episodes. But, you've also done reviews on Jess, Ivy, Caroline, and many others... do you still have all of these dolls, or have you sold some? I'm a little confused. ;)


    1. I have numerous dolls which are not a part of the L&L crew, but serve different roles in my collection. :)

  13. I absolutely love this post!! As many above have said, the story is all too familiar, and your footnotes at the bottom are touching and very well articulated. I appreciate your work all the more, because I, too, am a graduate student (though not a med student!) and find solace in the fact that others like me continue to love our American Girl dolls. Thank you very much for this, and for your site! I am a fan! :)

    1. Hurray! A fellow grad student who still retains her love for AG dolls! ^_^ Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the story and are a fan of the site. You know how crazy it can get so this is a really fun way for me to decompress after a rigorous day. :D Thank you for stopping by and reading and commenting!

  14. Me: two dolls is a great amount! Perfect! No more needed!
    (A few months Later)
    Ok.... three is GREAT! No more...
    (the a few months later...)
    Four! I QUIT! I....
    (The next year...)
    Six. That's enou-

    I am now waiting for #7 to arrive! :)

    1. Hahahaha! They just keep coming!

    2. Don't they though? I just realized that I can buy #8 in a few months.... :p

  15. So true Lilly, like, it's. Not. Even. Funny. XD I can totally relate to you, anonymous A! When I got Ruthie, I was so happy and I thought I'd never want a doll again! But I wasn't able to resist Saige, GOTY 2013. Two dolls, enough right? Nope! I fell in love with #59 when I saw her in the catalog and I wanted her right away. I finally got her, and I promised that would be the last thing I got from AG for a long time. Two months later, I have a big haul from the AG website. How do I get into these things??? Lol! Well, now I don't really have any dolls on my wishlist.