Sunday, September 13, 2015

Maryellen in Julie & Ivy's Outfits - 1974

Maryellen in Julie & Ivy's Outfits

Julie's Meet Outfit

Julie's Hoops Outfit & Accessories

Julie's Christmas Outfit

Julie's Birthday Dress

Julie's Casual Outfit & Julie's Cap and Scarf

Julie's 2-in-1 Summer Outfit (Skating Part)

Julie's 2-in-1 Summer Outfit/Julie's Swim Set 

Julie's Patchwork Outfit 

Julie's Calico Outfit

Julie's Floral Jumpsuit

Julie's Summer Skirt Set

Julie's Dance Set

Julie's BeForever Meet Outfit

Julie's Skateboarding Set

Julie's Max-Print Maxi Dress

Ivy's Chinese New Years Outfit

Ivy's Rainbow Romper


  1. Replies
    1. I think so too! I am curious how she could look with straight hair after seeing her in these outfits.

    2. Don't forget, natural hair, perms, and afros were popular in the 70s too. :)

    3. Hahaha! That's true enough! Almost everything went in the 70s I guess. ^_^

  2. It's odd. I really expected to like her in Julie's clothing but I don't. She's a pretty enough doll. I like the decade and will probably but a few of her outfits but Mary Ellen simply doesn't appeal to me.

    1. That's interesting! Overall I'm not a big fan of Julie's outfits (I think it's the time period in general), but I think Maryellen wears them well though she doesn't appeal to me as a doll. :D