Sunday, September 13, 2015

Maryellen in Marie-Grace & Cecile's Outfits - 1853

Maryellen in Cecile & Marie-Grace's Outfits

Cecile's Meet Outfit

Cecile's Special Dress

Cecile's Parlor Outfit

Cecile's Summer Outfit

Fancy Dress

Marie-Grace's Meet Outfit

Marie-Grace's Skirt Set

Marie-Grace's Party Outfit

Marie-Grace's Summer Outfit

Fancy Coat & Fancy Boots


  1. Don't like the fancy dress or fancy coat, but that's not Maryellen...I just am not fond of those outfits. She looks lovely in the rest.

    I really appreciate the time it took you to put these posts together! All those outfit!

  2. I like the fancy dress but as a costume outfit. :/ I think she looks nice in the style from the 1850s though I don't know if bangs were in style back then. ^_^

    1. They weren't - at least not bangs as we know them. Some women wore them, but the photos I could find from that time period showed most women without bangs.

    2. Thank you for the information! I was always a bit thrown because Kirsten has bangs but I felt like I read somewhere at the time of her production it was a challenge to produce doll wigs without the bangs so they took some licence with her appearance.

    3. I think back then since girls kept their hair long it was easier to keep it all one length - they'd braid it like Kaya's or as seen on Little House on the Prairie. Boys would have their hair cut, so they would have the bangs. But it was not unheard of for a girl to have bangs, just not as common as other eras. :)

    4. That's what I assumed (I keep remembering Little House books. :D) but as a child I never even picked up on Kirsten's difference from everyone else in the books due to her bangs. ^_^

  3. I love how she looks in the dolls' meet outfits!