Sunday, September 13, 2015

Maryellen in Kit & Ruthie's Outfits - 1934

Maryellen in Kit & Ruthie's Outfits

Kit's Meet Outfit

Kit's School Outfit

Kit's Christmas Outfit

Kit's Birthday Dress & Headband

Kit's Reporter Dress

Kit's Summer Dress

Kit's School Skirt Set

Kit's Candy-Making Outfit

Kit's BeForever Meet Outfit

Kit's Reporter Dress

Kit's Chicken-Keeping Set

Ruthie's Meet Outfit

Ruthie's Holiday Dress


  1. Okay, so there is something about the particular shade of pink...the candy making outfit seems off on her. The others look nice.

    1. I am personally not a big fan of her in Kit's clothes because something about the color palette makes her look washed out to me. :/

    2. There are a couple that don't look quite as nice, but the others are nice. The Original birthday dress is my favorite.

    3. Mine too! A close second would be Kit's chicken keeping outfit. ^_^ I think the green in the birthday dress really compliments Maryellen well.

    4. Exactly. the green is so complimentary to her coloring.