Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 17 - How to Wear Money

Lissie & Lilly: How to Wear Money (Photostory)

Sam: Has everyone left? Is it safe to move yet?
Lydia: Shhhhh, someone might be behind the door.
MG: I heard them close the door a few minutes ago. We are sans danger, safe.

Cecile: Mon dieu! Thank goodness! I thought I would go une folle, crazy!
Lilly: It’s not often our Big Person has time for visitors though. I’m glad her friends were able to visit.
MG: Oui Sawako Lilly, mais look at us! Her friend has dressed us so… strangely! I do not even have shoes et Cecile does not have a hat!
Lydia: It is most improper indeed! We are not even dressed from the same century!
Cecile: C’est vrai Lydia Charlotte! I am in a tutu and it is near freezing. My vinyl has metaphorical goosebumps!

MG: And I look like a satin cupcake nightmare.
Sam: This cap is crushing my curls as well. Our Big Person never puts a cap on me.
Lilly: Well, that is also partially out of laziness Samantha.
Sam: Nevertheless, this outfit will be the death of my wig!
Lydia: Where is Lissie? It doesn’t feel like a proper rant session if she is absent.
Cecile: Perhaps her outfit is too atrocious to appear in public and she is hiding for fear of mockery.

Lissie: General Washington hides from nothing save sauerkraut!
Cecile: Ooof! Lissie, your umbrella is digging into my cloth stuffing.
Lissie: What is an umbrella but a scepter of dignity?
Sam: Why are you so exuberant Lissie? Do you like your outfit?
Lydia: But it is not even raining today.

Lissie: Ahhh my dear comarades, it is not raining today, but what of tomorrow?
MG: It will also be sunny.
Lissie: … … … EVENTUALLY there will be rain! And when it comes I shall be prepared! To conquer the kraken!

Cecile: Oui, it will rain one day, and I may be in a ballet one day, and Marie-Grace may be a bridesmaid one day –
Lydia: But today is not that day Lissie.
Cecile: Lydia Charlotte is correct. We must dress for today and not for one day!
Lissie: Even though we’re naked the majority of the time? Though I can’t deny I’m still naked, under this raincoat.
MG: It is the principal of the matter. We must change into something with more of a… theme!
Lissie: Then I guess you’ll have to scale the Cliffs of Vanity because that’s where I saw several boxes that look suspiciously like the ones our clothes come in.

Cecile: You can do it Marie-Grace! You are almost there!
Lilly: Be careful everyone! Are you alright Samantha? Lissie?
Sam: Oomph! Humph!
Lissie: We’re moderately fine. We’re better balanced than an elephant on a circus ball.
MG: Almost… there! Ahhhh! We are shifting!
Lissie: Sorry! That’s me! I had to scratch. This raincoat chafes.
Everyone: LISSIE!!!

Sam: Thank goodness we are all here and in one piece! I thought we were goners for certain after Lissie’s second sneeze.
Lydia: Now let us decide what the theme of our outfits should be this time. Does anyone have any suggestions?
MG: Il est difficile, that’s difficult question. Usually our Big Person picks our theme.
Cecile: Ecoutez, listen everyone, I have une bonne idée! Do remember last night when our Big Person was muttering to herself?
Sam: I do! She has a habit of muttering to herself every time that envelope from Bill comes each month.
Lydia: Why yes, you’re right Samantha! It seems like there is more than one Bill too, and these Bills do plague her incessantly.

Cecile: Moi aussie, I always remember as well because she usually says something like “I could buy Spain’s Armada with the money I spend on their clothes.
Lydia: Goodness! Are our clothes really worth so much?
MG: Oui Lydia Charlotte, they must be or she would not cheer so loudly whenever she wins something on the eBay.
Cecile: Well, let us wear the most valuable outfits we can find, to show our Big Person how much we appreciate her spending Spain’s Armada on us. It would be a great pity if she bought us so many expensive clothes and we never wore them.
Sam: That is an excellent idea Cecile! Let’s do it then!
MG: Oui! This will be fun!

Lissie: What do you think of all this Lilly? You’ve been quiet.
Lilly: It sounds like a fun idea, but I don’t think our Big Person needs to see us in expensive clothes to appreciate us. We’re valuable to her even without our clothes. What about you Lissie? It’s even more strange for you to be quiet when there’s talk of Spanish Armadas afoot.
Lissie: I’m… thinking…
Lilly: Thinking?
Lissie: Oh alright! Plotting if you will. Cecile’s idea has given me an idea, you know how these things work. It’s like indigestion and gas.
Lilly: I’m not sure if that’s the analogy you’re looking for Lissie.
Lissie: That’s because you’re not plotting! Humph! I don’t have to explain myself madam!
Lilly: Well, as long as you meet back here with us after you’ve changed, I don’t really want to know.

Sam: Marie-Grace, Sawako Lilly, we are over here!
MG: Bonjour! You all look tres belle in your outfits.
Lilly: Sorry for being so late, Marie-Grace and I were having trouble deciding on which outfits were more expensive.
Lydia: I think you both look lovely. What outfits are you wearing?
Lilly: I’m wearing something called Kirsten’s Midsummer Outfit. There was a basket and flowers in the box as well, but I didn’t want to bring the entire set out.
MG: I had a windmill in my box for Felicity’s Town Fair Outfit also, but it seemed so fragile I was afraid to bring it out. I assumed it must be expensive since there was a limited edition band on the box.

Lilly: What about all of you? What outfits are you wearing?
Sam: I am in a stilting outfit, Addy’s I believe, though since I don’t know how to stilt I left those in the box.
Cecile: My outfit is Samantha’s Bicycling Outfit, but I did not wear the gaiters since I wear no shoes.
Sam: Mine? Are you sure Cecile? I have never seen that outfit before, as pretty as it is.
Cecile: Non, another Samantha, I am certain. And you Lydia Charlotte?
Lydia: It seems this Kirsten is quite the aristocrat, for my outfit is her Promise Plaid dress. Can you believe that together we’re wearing the Spanish Armada?
Sam: Their armada does seem to be made of rather, loose material if I do say so myself.
Lilly: And where is Lissie? I wonder what fine thing she’s found.

Lissie: Oh it’s fine alright!
Sam: Lissie? Is that you?
Lissie: Perhaps... Depending on the day of the week…
Cecile: You keep us in such suspense Lissie, come out and let us see!
Lissie: Ah… but can you handle the sheer magnificence? Or will your armada be utterly crushed with my monetary weight?
Lilly: Oh Lissie, the only thing we can be crushed by is the extra weight you accumulated in chocolate over the break. Now stop teasing us and let us see what outfit you chose.
Lissie: You seek your own doom Spain!

Lydia: Good gracious! What on earth are you wearing Lissie?
MG: Is that – ? Are those – ?
Sam: Receipts???
Cecile: Lissie! You are wearing nothing but receipts!
Lissie: Ah ladies, you may admire me as I preen and strut. Please, do not hold back your flattery on account of my modesty.

Lilly: I don’t know if I’m beyond proud at your ingenuity or mortified you’re more or less naked except for those flimsy receipts.
Lissie: They won’t be so flimsy when our Big Person sees them on her Bill, that’s for sure. And anyway, I was naked as a tilapia under the raincoat too so it’s not that much of a difference.
MG: Hahaha! I do not know how to even value your outfit Lissie.
Lissie: You may be wearing the Spanish Armada, but I, oh ho ho! I am wearing the New World and all her capitalistic potential!
Sam: Capitalism indeed! Are these all the receipts from our Big Person’s recent purchases for us?
Cecile: Lissie, you have picked the most expensive outfit of all, and it is not even an outfit! C’est un génie! Genius!

Lilly: I understand, you are trying to demonstrate to us that the most expensive outfit is not the important thing, it is the representation of how much out Big Person loves us that is truly important.
Lissie: That’s… exactly what I was thinking when I taped these receipts on.
Lilly: You have your shifty eyes on Lissie.
Lissie: Shifty? Me? Do I look like a tectonic plate to you? Anyway, everyone knows genius is what you make it out to be! Behind every great mind is –
Lydia: An even greater mind to interpret it?
Lissie: Beautifully explained Lydia Charlotte! Now will you guys please untape me? I’m need to scratch again.

Recently, I had a friend come over for a visit. She saw the L&L girls standing on my shelf naked since I haven’t had time to dress them in a while now, and asked if she could dress them. I was pretty surprised and laughed when I saw what outfits she had picked because it seemed so random. I normally have a theme in mind, however loose when I pick their outfits, but she picked outfits based on clothes she thought looked fun and interesting, which made for a funny sight.

When I was trying to decide what theme to go with next when I finally got around to changing them, I had just paid a pretty penny for a retired outfit on Ebay and thought, that I would go through my collection and pick out which outfits are valued to most right now and use that as the theme. It astounds me how some of these retired outfits have risen in price to the point where they cost more than a new doll. Kirsten especially, had an expensive collection on the secondary market, despite her humble background in the stories. I want to make it clear it is not my intention to brag or flaunt my collection in front of others. I worked hard to save for these outfits instead of other things and there are many who have much larger and more valuable pieces than I do.

I was trying to decide which outfit each girl gets to wear, and for some reason, I kept hearing Lissie scoffing in my mind, and saying “Come on! I know you can do better than that for me!” Then my eyes rested on the stack of AG receipts resting on the side of my desk and I knew exactly what she needed. ^_^ It was tricky to figure out how to make an outfit for her from the receipts. I don’t consider myself a very creative person, or crafty, and the design is not that stylish or pretty. XD But then again, I doubt Lissie cares so it was fine. :D

Thank you very much for taking the time to read the photostory! ^_^


  1. AAhhh my friends. Such fun you get up to, thank you for showing me your new outfits. MG really suits her dress, wonder if she'll want to take it off. :)

    1. Thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading about their wardrobe... choices. :D I was surprised how wonderful MG looks in colonial outfits. Her pincurls fit right in!

  2. The girls are so fun. Daisyaday is right, Marie Grace looks great in Felicity's dress. I also like they decided that Kirsten is an aristocrat. Felicity's "outfit" is my favorite, even with all the pretty dresses the others have.

    1. Hahaha! Thank you! Lissie may need to start her own line of fashion. XD I think Marie-Grace looks fantastic in colonial outfits. They suit her look so well. :)

  3. Wonderful premise as usual and super funny ending.

    Ally from AGFMB

    1. Thank you Ally! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

  4. This must have been fun to write and shoot.

    1. Yes! :D This was so much fun to create, especially taping Lissie into her outfit. ^_^

  5. I love your anime posters! CCS is a fav of mine :)
    Beautiful dolls :)

    1. Thank you! CCS is such a wonderful series! :D I'm happy to see another anime fan who is also a doll lover. ^_^

  6. You are a wonderful storyteller! And I love your scenes and pictures! It's always great to read what the L&L girls are up to! You have a great collection, and I envy those beautiful outfits!

    1. Thank you very much! I am still coveting Addy's Cape Island dress and Kirsten's Checked Dress & Shawl, but for the most part I'm near content. (I say until the next release comes out. :D)

  7. Our person also is thinking about how much she has spent on clothes for us over the years, especially when she recently had to add more storage bins to the closet to hold them all!
    ~ Kiki

    1. Hahaha! Then your Big Person and I share sorrows as I am contemplating getting rid of some of my clothes in the closet to make room for more doll clothes. ^_^

  8. Omg, hilarious and adorable! I'm getting to where I want a Lissie now, just so she can have the personality of yours. ;)

    1. Hahaha! Let the Lissies all take over the world! :D Cecile is SO ADORABLE in everything!!! XD <----such a doting Big Person

  9. How fun to see all these retired outfits at once and what a great way to tell the story.

    1. Thank you! :D It was fun for me to bring them out too. ^_^

  10. My Molly has quite a lissie-ish outfit considering she recently freaked out about chips...

    1. Oooo, chips? As in the crunchy, unhealthy, but can't eat just one kind? :D

  11. Lissie needs a fashion line.

    1. Hahaha! Don't give her any more ideas!