Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year & Site Updates!

From myself and all the girls at Lissie & Lilly, we want wish everyone a wonderful, happy new year! Thank you all so much for visiting L&L and leaving us comments. It's such a joy to see other people enjoying the blog which just started as an easy way for me to keep track of Mini Josie's travels and my photostories.

This year, I hope L&L can continue to grow and to that effect, I am excited to share some additions to the blog:

1) L&L will be hosting our first ever giveaway starting tomorrow (Monday, January 5th) for 3 of the red GotY aprons given away as store exclusives during the Grace Thomas celebration parties! Please check back tomorrow morning to enter. ^_^

2) I am thoroughly in love with Etsy and starting at the end of this month, we will have our first featured Etsy seller, Cupcake Cutie Pie! She has kindly agreed to give us an interview and provide an outfit as a giveaway in honor of our first Etsy feature. Every other week, I will introduce a new Etsy shop that creates AG scale outfits and accessories so prepare your wallets for amazing, handmade creations to tempt and delight!

3) I am still working on catalog scans and figuring out the logistics of scanning/uploading them. Also, I only have catalogs that go back to December 2012 (when I returned to the AG world) so please let me know if you have older catalogs and would be willing to help out with this project.

4) This summer, I would like to host a doll postcard exchange with anyone who would be interested in participating. The idea is for people to sign up to make dolly sized postcards (a template will be provided) to send to each other's dolls. More details in a few months!

5) Reviews, reviews, and reviews! I hope to start reviewing more items, especially the outfits in the girls' closet, as well as dolls from other lines which I admire. If there are any outfits in the L&L closet you would particularly like to see a review/comparison for, please let me know.

6) With all of the insane sales recently, it seems like I have accumulated a lot more furniture and accessory sets than I ever planned on collecting (which was none originally). :D To that effect, I decided it would be useful to have a storage shed, like the closet to keep track of everything, with the hope that I will be able to review those items eventually as well.

7) L&L started because of the photostories and more will be coming this year! I have 3 that have been taken and are just waiting for me to type them up, and 2 planned to be taken during the next free, sunny morning. ^_^

8) Sawako Lilly has acquired many beautiful kimonos, and now needs a kimono chest to hold them all. In her kimono chest, aside from photos of her kimonos, there will be some basic facts about kimonos, such as types of kimono, how to wear them (human and doll!), fold them, traditional motifs, etc. There may possibly be features on other traditional Japanese arts such as origami (folding paper), furoshiki (folding cloth), and maybe even a little about the Tea Ceremony.

That's all that comes to mind for now but with Lissie in the mix, who knows what may pop up? :D Thank you once again for supporting L&L and may you and your loved ones have a happy 2015!

Behind the scenes:


  1. Very cute! You take such good pictures.

  2. I am really excited about the kimono section!!!!! I really want to get a hanbok for our Ivy doll, I know she is chinese but I am just a wee bit of a kdrama fanatic...

    1. There's no reason a Chinese doll can't wear a hanbok! :D (I wore one when I was in Korea and it felt so neat!). ^_^ The only doll hanbok I know of is the one sold by Carpatina, but I've never purchased from them so I'm not sure what the fit is like.

  3. Is it silly that I am so excited about upcoming features and articles on your blog? I am SO EXCITED for these upcoming features/articles on your blog! It's become one of my newest favorites. You're a great writer and your doll photography is superb--your dolls always look like they're so alive and constantly in motion.

    Unless you have another platform you'd rather use, might I suggest Imgur for your eventual catalog scan uploads? It's incredibly user friendly and very easy to organize into folders (one for each catalog).

    All of your plans for this year sound cool, but I'm especially looking forward to the postcard exchange--it sounds like fun!

    1. Thank you so much honilee! (Definitely am feeling a fuzzy, warm feeling! ^_^) Thank you for the suggestion on Imgur. I haven't used it before so I will definitely look into it. I'm also super stoked to try out the postcard exchange. It's an idea that's been tumbling around in my head for a while, so I hope a lot of people will participate!