Friday, January 2, 2015

Store Photos of Grace Thomas Doll, Outfits, & Books

Grace Thomas Doll, Outfits, & Books

Grace Thomas Doll: 
Her eyes are the regular blue. The lighting was horrendous so I'm very sorry for the shoddy quality. >_<

Her hair has highlights in it.

New color box! She get... fireworks? And purple!

I think her charm bracelet is so adorable and ties together the elements from her collection together so nicely.

You can see the highlights better here, even though the photo is blurry. XD

Grace Exclusive Earrings:
Grace does not come with pierced ears but if you get them pierced for $16, you can get a set of exclusive earrings for her! These are not available for any other doll, only Grace.

Grace's Welcome Gifts:
Instead of meet accessories this year, Grace has "welcome gifts" that are all very cliche, Paris themed.

The macaroons are clumped pretty solidly.

Grace's Baking Outfit:
Right side up cupcakes!!!

Back of the apron. The two straps attach to the skirt part of the apron with velcro.

Grace's City Outfit:

An ego tag. Just in case Grace forgets who she is.

The pants are actually made of a thicker, more solid fabric than I had expected. They don't "shimmer", but feel more woven. I'm not very fabric savvy so I don't know what it's actually called, but it's not as bad in person as it looks on the stock photos.

Grace's Opening-Night Outfit:
What's with that weird asymmetrical tier? O_o? Like they forgot at the last minute to finish trimming the fabric? 

Grace's Travel Coat:

Looks like asymmetry is in this year. I'm still trying to understand the random flap over her right chest. I find it really hilarious that I have that exact same ribbon from the dollar bin at Target. :D

The fabric of the coat is thin, but it fits the style of the coat so I don't really have complaints there. I love the weaved (not sure what the proper term is) look of the fabric. It gives the coast such an overall nice look.

Since all of her luggage has a tag, I guess all her clothes do as well.

You can see her Eiffel Tower earrings!

This really bothers me that the trim around the wrists don't go all the way around! That's so lazy and cheap and looks incredibly tacky!

There is a piece of velcro where the bow is, holding the waist part of the coat together. The 3 buttons above are functional buttons. There is no velcro on the back of the coat.

Ahhhh Grace! What are you doing???

The top half of the coat and the collar are lined, which is nice.

Grace's Pajamas:

Grace Book:
I love that the stores are advertising the donations to No Kid Hungry as well! 

Grace Stirs it Up Book:


  1. Thanks so much for all the great pictures, Lilly Maiden!!!

    (As to the front asymmetrical design of Grace's Travel Coat, I vaguely recall a blurb somewhere in time past about the very functional design of military trench coats: the front "flap" provided extra cushioning for the wearer from a gun's kickback.)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and looking! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! I had no idea about the functional aspect of the flap for military trench coats so I appreciate you telling me that. :D I am curious is that's where AG got the design idea from, though I don't think they envisioned Grace suffering too much from a gun's kickback. ^_^

  2. Wow! Thanks for so many detailed photos! Our person said we can visit the store sometime soon and see it all.
    ~ Kiki

    1. Thank you dropping by and looking Kiki! ^_^ I do hope you and your person can go to the store soon to see all of it in person, especially since the lighting in the store was so wonky for pictures. Plus is just fun to play with all the pieces! :D

  3. Thanks for the detailed photos. I'm loving everything about Grace and her collection. I do have a question, I keep seeing the half apron and I wanted to know are you able to buy it and if so with what? Thanks again for your photos!

    1. The little blue half apron is sold with the $150 pastry cart! :)

  4. "An ego tag. Just in case Grace forgets who she is." --This made me laugh so hard!

    I'm in love with Grace and the french/baking theme! I'm sure I'll be getting the doll. Not sure about the outfits yet, I might get the bakery outfit, since it seems to be her signature one.

    Thanks for the fabulous photos! I enjoy your blog a lot. :)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy the pictures and the blog Alex! ^_^

      Grace is much cuter looking in person. Actually, elegant/mature is a better word than cute. She looks older than the average AG doll (I think it's her lip color). Despite my teasing and commentary, I actually think many of her outfits are cute. I'm very tempted by the City Love, Opening Night, and Fancy Coat outfits. I'm not a big fan of the baking outfit, but I really like the apron so we'll see. :D

  5. Glad the cupcakes in the store are rightside-up, I didn't catch that in the store! The large picture in the catalogue is upside down though, and the small pics appear to be upside down on the arms and rightside-up on the chest. Interesting...

    1. That's really interesting, thanks for sharing Monica! I haven't seen the catalog yet so I didn't realize it was oriented differently in the various pictures.