Friday, January 2, 2015

Store Photos of Grace Thomas Furniture

Grace Thomas's Furniture
Prepare for HUGE photo dump! 

Grace's Bistro Set:

The chair is made of a very heavy, solid metal.

The base of the table is metal as well.

This stand is very plastic. The words on it are all made from stickers.

You can put up a sign on both sides of it.

The table top is wooden (feeling).

Cute menu holder, but very plastic again.

Those are not lines in the cheese, but actual intentions/grooves to give the surface texture. The berries are clumped and the plate is plastic, as are the water glass and pink bottle. 

Grace's Pastry Cart:

The red thing on top is metal, and I believe the frame of the cart is metal as well.

The flat surface feels like wood to me. Of course the pastry stand is plastic.

I just realized the spokes on the wheels make hearts. XD That's really cute and corny! The wheels are plastic.

Help you girl practice her entrepreneurship skills! With business cards and everything!

The menu words are stickers, and the sign and rotate so you can put different words on the back.

The bell really rings! Loudly I might add. :D

Also just realized the cart is a tricycle, not a raging 4 wheeled ride. :D

I know it's supposed to be a chocolate tart with chocolate shaving on top, but it looks greenish tinted in real life, and it looks the exact same color as bile from the gallbladder.... XD

Clumped, plastic macaroons! I feel like the ones on Etsy have more aesthetic appeal.

Grace's French Bakery:

Better hope it doesn't rain in Paris Grace! XD

I love this cute little Eiffel Tower image on the wall with the little holding tray!

There is a little service window on one side of the building so Grace can serve treats in a 180 degree manner!

This grey part of the roof is plastic, but the rest of it is very solidly wood. :)

Service window!

Hahaha! I was so confused by what this thing was until a little girl explained it was dough! ^_^ I might have thought it was a tempurpedic mattress at first...

Inside the refrigerator! I kind of wish there was a bottle of wine... because France right? I know, I know... it's a kid's toy. XD

I just noticed the AG logo printed on the "stone".

Both tray and cake are plastic.

Not the most attractive pastries. They're cute, but I've been spoiled by the talent on Etsy and the plastic feeling is not to my taste. The plate is also a very light plastic.

You can take the plastic baguettes out of the paper holder.

Plastic macaroon tower. >_< Clumped together so kids don't inhale them.

That pink cake tray is so incredibly "cheap" looking relative to the $500 price tag so I am very disappointed, even though I do think it's cute.

Darn! Can't squeeze it straight into my mouth!

Another pieces I felt was very "cheap plastic" relative to the $500 price tag. 

Recipe cards!

The egg carton opens and closes but the eggs are stuck in the box. Can't take them out or else kids will inhale them. 

Sad cupcakes...

All in all I think it's a very fun piece for kids to play with, and it definitely is made for play with it's plastic accessories all clumped together. As an adult, I find myself both pleased by how fun and versatile it is, while at the same time disappointed with the quality of the smaller accessories, especially for $500.


  1. There is a lot of detail in this piece! Our person says she is going to make us a bakery. I hope it's as nice as this one!

    1. I'm sure your person will make a beautiful bakery! ^_~ And I'm sure it'll be much better priced with nicer quality accessories too.

  2. The bakery is beautiful! Goodness if it didn't cost more than my car note and car insurance together. ^^;

    Oh I found the apron I asked earlier. It looks like it comes with the pastry cart.

    Thanks for all your detailed photos!

    1. Hahaha I responded to your other comment before seeing this! But yes, a lot of children at the store would say to the adult (money purse) with them "And this is the bakery! Look at it! Isn't it awesome!" and the adult would casually agree until they looked at the price tag. :D

  3. Wow that bakery is over the top, the table set is one of my favorites but I really wish it had 2 chairs, from the pictures I thought the cushion was a solid piece of the chair so it is neat that is a real cushion :)

    1. The table set is really nice, especially the chair, which feels very high quality. I found the actual accessories for the table disappointing, especially the water cup and pink bottle, which just felt very lightweight plastic. I also wish the plate was porcelain, not plastic, and the sign and menu holder really feel like toys. XD I know it sounds silly because they are toys after all, but relative to what I feel AG usually produces, they feel extra lightweight and "plasticy". The food is excellent though! They're all so detailed and made of a very solid, heavy material. Altogether, the set is pretty great and has so much play value with all the pieces. Perhaps you could order a replacement chair through AG customer service?

  4. Ma famille ne boit pas du vin ainsi, heureux là n'est pas vous pourrait créez-vous sont de posséder cependant. vous pouvez choisir votre propre boire.

    1. Yes, I don't think it would have made sense to put alcohol in a child's toy so I would have been surprised if AG did include a bottle of wine, no matter how common it is in France.