Friday, January 2, 2015

Store Photos of GotY 2015 Grace Thomas & January Releases

I just returned from the AG store loaded with a ton of photos of Grace and her collection, as well as the new January releases for MyAG & Bitty. ^_^ Since I took more pictures than is probably healthy... They are sorted below into different categories for ease of viewing and navigation. :D

*DO NOT use these on your site/blog/channel, or direct link to the images. Feel free to link to this post.*

To view full sized image, Right Click on the image, then select "Open link in new tab" or "Open link in new window".

Grace Thomas Doll, Outfits, & Books

Grace Thomas's Dog & Accessories

Grace Thomas's Furniture

Grace Thomas's Clothes for Girls

MyAG Purses, Shoes, & Pet Accessories

MyAG Outfits, Accessories, & Furniture

Bitty Baby & Bitty Twin

General Store Photos

*MissMidoria took my shoddy cell phone photos and used them in one of her amazing YouTibe videos! Click here to watch it!*

PS - I was so excited today to run another another AG doll fan from some of the fan boards I'm on! Her username is LGZLuvsAG and you can check out her Flickr link to the photos she took today here:

They are a much much much higher quality than my rinky tink cell phone photos and she's a fantastic photographer! 

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