Thursday, February 12, 2015

Store Photos of the New Accessories & Furniture Spring (Feb. 2015)

Accessories & Furniture

Samantha's Travel Bag Set
The leather clasp is very thin and looks like it could rip quite easily so be careful.

Samantha's Painting Set

Samantha's Summertime Treats & 
Samantha's Outdoor Serving Set

Plastic pink "glassware", ceramic plate

I couldn't feel the cart (it was behind glass, but the wheels look like plastic at least.

It looks like plastic, not wicker.

Chair frame looks like metal. 

 Sunshine Gardening Bench Set
This is a really fun set with a lot of play value.

Working watering can!

No seeds inside...

These pots are awesome! You can take the flowers out and swap them if you like!

You can also take the dirt out! Look at that earthworm action!

Plastic trowel.

It's plastic, the bird is stuck, cannot be moved.

These tiny ladybugs are TOO ADORABLE! You can stick them anywhere! (How is this not a choking hazard AG? Why can't we have unclumped egg decorating sets?)


  1. I never noticed the ladybugs! They add a nice touch, but yes it is a huge chocking hazard. Other than that it's a really cute set!
    ~Leah <3

    1. Definitely! I'm wondering if perhaps AG is thinking the lady bugs are too small to be a choking/inhalation problem? I don't know how big something can get before it becomes a problem to children.