Thursday, February 12, 2015

Store Photos of the New Bitty Releases (Feb. 2015)

Bitty Baby & Bitty Twin

Pastel Carousel Outfit for Bitty Baby

Designs go all the way around the back of the skirt. 

Basics Sweet Dots Top and Elephant Leggings

Will this fray? The edges of the blue ruffle thing is not finished.

Ehhhh? What is this? Is this being worn backwards? Are you supposed to sit on the ruffly part?

Tennis Pro & Hole-In-One Outfits for Bitty Twins

*VERY* solid club. XD I could knock myself out with this if I wasn't careful.

Looks like very nice polo material for the shirt. Buttons don't look like they work.

Don't get hit by this... XD It'll hurt.

I think the visor is plastic.

This skirt also looks like it's made of polo material? Not sure if it's one or two separate pieces.


  1. That ruffled section on the back of the Bitty pants is called a rhumba. They're pretty common on the back of baby pants, and tights and diaper covers too :)

    1. Thank you for enlightening me Alisha! I had no idea that was supposed to be there on the back. Is it just for decoration or does it have a purpose? It looks uncomfortable to sit on bunched up ruffles.

    2. I think they're just purely for decoration, to look cute. I imagine most parents usually put pants with rhumbas on them on newborns and kind of cut back on it once their baby's sitting up more or is getting really active. Of course, I imagine on a real baby it's easier to hike up the pants a little higher so the ruffles sit just above their bottom and they're not sitting right on them.

    3. Hahaha very true, though I think the rhumba on a baby's bottom would be a cute sight when the baby is learning to crawl. Ruffles everywhere! :D

  2. My daughter, now three, had lots of those pants with ruffles on the butt when she was a baby. It is decorative.

    1. Thanks Shannon! I can't remember the last time I looked at baby clothes so it really confused me when I saw it in store. ^_^