Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Scheherazade Arrives & Meets Jenny!

Last week, I was ecstatic to win Mirenithil's giveaway for a MyAG at the current top of my list, #49! I kept refreshing the tracking information waiting for updates and for the stunning Scheherazade to arrive. 

Finally... FINALLY!!! USPS exceeded expectations and something fantastic arrived on my doorstep! Something with an "Aloha from Hawaii" stamp on the box!
 Looks like someone was trying to punch their way into the box. Or... out... O_O 

Mirenithil wrapped her up so sweetly with a cute curly ribbon bow too! I hesitated at the thought of demolishing that lovely wrap job. For a half second. XD

Presenting... The one, the only, the irresistibly cunning, unfathomably brilliant... Lady Scheherazade! 

Her ears are even pierced! This came as a wonderful surprise to me because I was planning on taking her to the store to get her ears pierced Thursday and now she's saved me the trouble! You're too good to me Mirenithil!

While taking photos of the Lady outside, the Queen arrived to see what the fuss was about.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Look at me! Look at meeee instead! I'm much cuter! I'm fluffy and warm! I can wag my tail! I can even make a giant mess all over your room while you're trying to study and you'll still love me for it! I eat your vegetables for you!"

"Hmmm... Are you trying to bribe me? Do I look like the kind of royal, fat, waddly, fluffy, glutinous puppy that can be bribed by a rawhide bone??? How dare you Madam! I have integrity! I have class!"

"I have a stomach that knows only pleasure and demands to be satisfied! Hmph, I'm not taking your bribe mind you. I'm not that kind of easily bought dog. It's just a crime and shame to waste a good bone."

"What do you think you're looking at? We're not friends! It's not like that! What's that sticking out my mouth? Mind your own business! This wasn't obtained by unscrupulous methods! Stop judging meeeee! I don't judge you when you eat Lindt truffles!"

XD And so Scheherazade entered the family circle. ^_^
-The End-

Who is Scheherazade?
She is the storyteller from 1,001 Nights, and one of my favorite literary characters of all time. This is the highly condensed, abridged summary of 1,001 Nights:
Once upon a time, a great king named Shahryar had a beautiful, enchanting wife whom he loved. But one day, he discovered his most beloved wife was betraying him with another. Furious and heartbroken, he had the unfaithful wife executed and swore that all women could not be trusted for they did not know what it is to love. As punishment for her acts, the king, in his grief, madly decreed that every night, he would wed a new wife, and then execute her in the morning, before she had time to betray him. 
This went on for many nights and the land was in mourning for all the young women who were taken to this fate. Finally, the daughter of King Shahryar's wazir (advisor) pleaded with her father to let her be the king's next bride. The wazir was horrified to hear his daughter Scheherazade's request, and did all in his power to dissuade her. But Scheherazade insisted and assured her father all would be well.
With tears and sorrow pressing upon his chest, the wazir informed his king that his daughter would be his next bride. The king was surprised and curious about the woman who would willingly offer herself to this gruesome fate, but accepted.
That night, Scheherazade begged the king to allow her to see her younger sister Dunyazade one last night time and the king agreed and sent for her. When Dunyazade arrived, she pleaded with the king to allow her sister to tell her one more story before she lost her, and King Shahryar, who was listless and unable to fall asleep that night welcomed the distraction. 
Scheherazade began her tale, the first of 1,001 tales. As the sun rose, she ended the story abruptly. When the king demanded she continue, she apologized and said she could not for now it was time for her to die. King Shahryar, overcome with curiosity to know how the story ended, granted her leave to live one more day. And thus it went on, night after night, Schehrazade spun tales of fantasy, comedy, romance, mystery, legends, history, each morning leaving off at a cliff hanger and each morning the king granted her leave to live one more day.
Finally at the end of 1,001 tales, Scheherazade begged to king to grant her a request. During that time, she had born the king 3 children and she had them brought to her now. Getting on her knees, she prostrated herself before the king and beseeched him to spare the mother of these children. Moved by her fidelity, piety, and pure spirit, King Shahryar lifted Scheherazade and told her with tears in his eyes that he had long ceased to desire her any harm and through her stories and love, had eased the sorrow in his heart.
They were properly wed again and I would like to imagine lived happily ever after, though as any proper married couple knows, a good marriage will have it's occasionally bickers and disagreements. 
I admire this woman who was resourceful and so smart, and especially so courageous. She reminds me of Queen Esther from the Bible, and from Queen Scheherazade's stories, we have the famous tales of Aladdin, Sinbad the Sailor, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, and so many more. I love fairy tales, folklore, and myth, and it was absolutely enchanting to read 1,001 Nights because the style of the stories is unlike anything the Brothers Grimm offer, which is what we are familiar with the most as a Western nation, and yet it is also different from the myth and folklore of the Orient. 
Thus I give this doll the name of that inspiring woman, to remind me to face any trials and difficulties with that courage, resourcefulness, and love.


  1. Scheherazade is GORGEOUS!!! I'm excited to see how she fits in with the rest of the L&L gang!

    1. Thank you! ^_^ I'm also terrified for Lissie to meet her, lest she make Scheherazade repeat all 1,001 stories. :D I don't have enough memory on my laptop for so many photo stories!

  2. Oh, wow, Scheherazade is just gorgeous. It's the perfect name for #49 -- she's so exotic with her long, thick, dark hair, her warm skin tone, and her bright blue eyes. I too am very excited to see how the rest of your crew takes to her. Will she be THE Scheherazade, or a modern girl who shares her name?

    1. Ooo, that is the question isn't it? :D I haven't decided how I want to develop her character yet so I don't know whether she'll be THE one or A one. >_< I guess I'll have to put together a wardrobe for her, take more photos of her, and see where to go from there! :) I'm leaning heavily towards making her Persian though, just because the name is Persian originally. Her wardrobe is going to be intimidating and difficult because I'm just not familiar with ancient Persian, Indian, Arabic dress so if you have any recommendations (or Audra) please share them with me! :D

    2. I think making her Persian is a magnificent idea! :D This website might be helpful in thinking about ancient Persian clothing: http://www.irandokht.com/editorial/index4.php?area=per&sectionID=3&editorialID=958. A lot depends on the date you decide to go with for the 1001 Nights. From what I know, it's actually much more recent than I imagined -- apparently many of the tales come from the 9th-10th century CE, with some coming from the 7th c. or so. (A bit of context... most of my work as a biblical scholar is with the rise of the Persian empire in the ancient Near East, which was in the 6th c. BCE. So anything in the Common Era seems extremely recent to me, lol!)

      Whether Scheherazade ends up modern or ancient, I'm really looking forward to getting to know her!

    3. That link is a wonderful resource Robin! Thanks for sharing it as well as your knowledge! (Now I know who to call when I have questions related to Persia's rise in the ancient Near East!) I figured the story wouldn't be super ancient since many of her stories cover the history of ancient caliphs. I like the idea of loose flowing robes for her (as cliche as it is, I'm thinking something similar to belly dancing wear) for one of her pieces, then perhaps a lehenga with dupatta. And perhaps even saree as well, though that is more associated with India, it's not exclusively so. Please do let me know if you run across any further resources Robin! This will be fun!

  3. Congrats! #49 is such a pretty doll!
    ~Leah <3

  4. She is lovely! Congrats to you and your dollfam! :)

    1. Thank you very much! ^_^ She's a wonderful addition!

  5. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing the story. She is gorgeous! And your dog is soooo cute!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and story! Thank you very much! (And of course Jenny approves of all flattery towards her, especially if they come with a belly rub.) ^_~

  6. I love when good things happen to good people! I was so happy to hear you were one of the winners!

    And omg, Jenny is too cute, both in pics and the way she "sounds". ;)


    1. That's so kind of you to say! Thank you very much! :D

      And Jenny thanks you for the compliments as well, though she's fully aware of how utterly adorable she is, especially when she gives me that mournful "Are you really not going to share your steak?" expression. ^_^