Thursday, February 12, 2015

Store Photos of the New Outfits for Historicals/BeForever (Feb. 2015)

Historical/BeForever Outfits

Special Edition boxes for BeForever sets. Looks like these will be a yearly thing.

Not a sticker, the logo is printed onto the box.

Addy's Dress & Sewing Set

Chicken pincushion is hard and does not open up.

Pins are not removable.



They are plastic and they do open and close.

Kaya's Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit

Elastic at ends of shawl hook onto thumb to hold it up. Not sure if shawl is attached to dress on the back or not.

Actual thread, not decal.

Material feels too slick, too light so not sure on the fabric quality. Boots also have thread, not decals.

Embroidery, not decals.

Not a decal. Hurray!

Rebecca's Seashore Set

I can't tell if it's faux wood or real wood.


Back of seashell postcard.

Kit's Chicken-Keeping Set

Chicken is soft and filled with what feels like beans. No legs on the bottom.

Julie's Skateboarding Set

Julie's Mix-Print Maxi Dress

 Samantha's Travel Coat & Hat

I love this big obnoxious decoration! :D

Coat is unlined, buttons are functional.

Back top of coat.

Samantha's Flower-Picking Set


5 tulips, all separate 

Samantha's Special Day Dress

Pre-tied big bow, looks obnoxious so I love it! :D


  1. Thank you! The don't have this in the Hawaii store, so it's good to see high quality pictures.

    1. You're welcome! ^_^ I'm glad you like the photos. Does the Hawaii store have any of the new releases?

  2. Thank you very much! With your photos I know I can create something similar to the ones I like. It is very generous of you to take all these photos and share them, thanks!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you found the photos helpful. ^_^

  3. Ooooh! Addy's little sewing dress is too cute! I'm going to start saving right now. I'm a little disappointed that she didn't get more items added to her collection. They went all out for Samantha!

    1. They really did! It makes me wonder if she's really selling that well. But nonetheless I'm very happy to see so many of the historicals receive so many cute new items. ^_^