Thursday, February 19, 2015

Free Shipping Code, Jill's Sale "SOON", & Grace's Movie Trailer

This week has really been just one filled with excitement and news! Just a few updates combined into one post below. Also don't forget today is the last day to enter the free giveaway to win your favorite pattern from MHD Designs. Click here to enter!

Free Shipping: 
Thank you so much to Bananabelle from AGPT who braved -30 degree temperatures to get her catalog and share the free shipping code on it! She has very generously given us permission to share her find:

Free Shipping on orders over $100. 
Expires: 3/24/2015

*You can order Grace's Bakery right now without the $35 surcharge if you use the code!*
(I just tried it and took a screenshot to show there is no shipping and surcharge with the code.)


Jill's Sale "SOON":
I am happy for those who were able to grab a great deal during yesterday's Jill's Deals & Steals sale. For those that were not able to participate in the sale, I am very sorry and I know it can be very frustrating, especially for those on the west coast. There are usually no warnings before the sales appear until the morning the show airs. We were fortunate enough to find out a few clues to the sale the night before but that may not always happen. With that in mind, for those who would like to maximize their chance of participating in a future sale here is some advice:

1) Jill's Sales are presented on the TODAY show beginning at 7am Eastern time. She usually gives out the code sometime during the course of the show. Thank you to Jen Hirsch Kirby on Facebook for the date correction!
2) Usually the AG fan communities will have hints and clues there will be a sale that morning an hour or so before the segment airs.
3) Occasionally, a smart individual will try many different combinations for the code and stumble upon the correct one in the process. If they share it online, there is a chance you can check out before the code is formally announced on the show.
4) It seems like from the Sales History, last fall and winter there was a Jill's sale about a little over every month or so, but there is no guarantee AG will continue with this model.

Yesterday, Jill Martin (of Jill's Deals & Steals) promised on her Twitter that there will be another AG sale "SOON". Here is a screenshot of the tweet:
I first heard about this when kegracin on AGPT posted about it yesterday evening. Since then the tweet has been widely shared on other forums and Facebook communities but I wanted to give credit to who I personally first saw the news from. ^_^ I don't know how soon "SOON" is, or know what will be on sale (though I have guesses and hopes!). :D

*NOTE: Please please please understand, as frustrating as it is to miss out on a deal, at the end of the day, these are still very much material toys, and it is not worth the stress and headache to yourself to get angry and take it out on others. There are those who will be obnoxious about getting the deal. There will be resellers who swarm and grab several of the deals despite AG's limit. It's a mass, online sale and there are still many flaws to the system. Please don't cause yourself stress and grief if you are unable to get a sale set, and please don't harass and lambaste those that do. If they are preening, you know they are preening about toys at the end of the day and you are better so much better and wiser than to let someone's pride over material objects ruin your day.*

Link to Jill Martin's tweet:


Finally, the trailer for Girl of the Year 2015 Grace Thomas' movie was recently released on the AG website! The movie will be called "American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success" and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD this summer on June, 23rd.
Watch the trailer on the AG website here:

*You'll have to scroll down a bit, about 1/3rd down the page.*

You can preorder the movie on Amazon for 10% off at the link below and it will be delivered on the day it comes out:
(Thank you to the Anoynymous (first comment) who shared this information. ^_^)


That's all for now! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far, staying warm, and looking forward to the weekend! ^_^

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  1. Thank you so much. You can also pre-order on Amazon and it will be delivered on the day it comes out.

    1. Thank you for the heads up about that! I'll go ahead and add that in to the post with the link. ^_^

    2. more info on how to do that would be great!

  2. American Girl Doll Division of Mattel seems very desperate. I hate the Jills Deals and Steals. It for me has destroyed the value of the Dolls that I gave purchased from there Houston Store over the last 2 years at Full price. Yesterday they sold Dolls for $46.00. How could a Doll for 110.00 on August 19,2014 be down to $46.00 just 6 months later. I refused to go to this last launch of new items for the 1st time because based on last Christmas it will all be on clearance soon. So going in to pay top Dollar for American Girl new items has come to a end for My Family. I really like Store being In Houston, My 4 year old loves all 33 of her American Girl Dolls but the sells have destroyed our desire to rush in. Seems thing have changed a lot in the 2 years since we 1st went to the store where if you asked if they have sells you were told not really!!!! I am happy for all of those who got to grab a Doll for half price or less it was great for them. Lesson for me is wait for sales at this point no need to rush in because of new selection. I will most likely also just tune out because I don't watch the Today Show and it has become such a waste of time to check all the Social Media to find out a code for a sale. Never heard of a company that did not contact their customers 1st with a sale via email or written this is also very strange to me. I hope this will not turn into Bankruptcy. It is all very strange strategie to increase sells to me. I wonder what other who have purchased in store these now sale items feel.

    1. I think your frustration is completely understandable. Why would you want to buy a doll + outfit for over $150 when you've seen it on sale for $55? II admit I loved getting so many good deals during the sale but I think long term this will make it harder for AG because it will encourage both new and current customers to think twice about buying any thing at full price.

    2. Your daughter is way too young for American Girl. Please take a look at all 33 of the boxes where it says 8+. Also, she must be very spoiled with 33 dolls. Money must grow on trees for you.