Monday, April 14, 2014

Mini Josie and the Tiki in Frederick, MD

This is a photostory by AGPlaythings user Liseepea about Mini Josie's visit to her

in Maryland!

Mini Josie and the Tiki

Tiki: All trespassers must be destroyed! 

MJ: Help!!!!! Help!!!!! Anyone. I'm scared and stuck. Doesn't anyone live here?

Tiki: Silence small trespasser. 

Meatloaf: Ruff Ruff (wag, wag)

JJ: Meatloaf! What is it? Did Aeryn fall in the well?

Meatloaf: Ruff Ruff Ruff Ruff

JJ: Goodness sakes Meatloaf! What is going on?

MJ: Help!!!

JJ: What? How did you get up there?

MJ: This guard Tiki says I'm a trespasser. 

JJ: Well are you?

MJ: No! I'm supposed to be here. Didn't your big person warn the Tiki I was coming? 

JJ: Obviously not. Let me see if I can get you down from there. I'm not tall enough.

JJ: Let me think....I've got it. Aeryn!!!!

Aeryn: What's up JJ? 

JJ: Tiki is guarding again and this time Mini Josie is the victim. 

Aeryn: Oh no! What are we going to do? 

JJ: You're the acrobat. Get on my shoulders.

JJ: Aeryn hurry. You're squishing me.

Aeryn: I almost have her. 

Aeryn: Tiki drop it!

Tiki: But but....

Aeryn: Drop it!

Tiki: phtooey

MJ: Ahhhh

Aeryn: Gotcha. It's nice to meet you Mini Josie. 

MJ: And you two too. 

JJ: Tiki what do you say? It's not nice to eat friends.

Tiki: I'm sorry Mini Josie. I didn't know you were a friend. 

MJ: Of course I'm your friend and I like you much better now that I'm not in

 your mouth. 

JJ: It sure is good to finally meet you. I'm stoked to hear about all of your 


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