Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mini Josie Gets a Gift in Wasilla, AK

Look!! I got some Sombrita spruce soap! And it's made right here in Alaska. You can tell with this symbol:
It has been so windy but we did get a great shot of the mountains one morning. 
They are so close and enclose us in the Mat-Su Valley. 
Isabelle and I went to work with my host mom and hung out with these fun little dolls. They were kinda strange. My host mom works on the computer all day and we were a little bored.  Actually, a lot bored. 

I did see the Alaskan flag though! It's the Big Dipper and was designed by a little boy. Alaska became a state in 1959.  I am learning so much and having fun with Isabelle. 

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