Monday, December 8, 2014

Girl of the Year 2015 Grace Mini Doll

Early this morning, Clover on AGPlaythings forum discovered a TaoBao listing (sort of like Chinese ebay) for the 2015 Girl of the Year Mini Doll, Grace!

Grace seems to have blue eyes (though it's hard to tell if she will have regular blue, dark blue, or a whole new blue color. She has freckles across her face, and long, dark brown hair with partial, side swept bangs. It's hard to tell from the mini doll, but you can see her hair is long on the cover of her book. It looks like the hair on the mini doll was pulled back behind her. 

It seems she will most likely have the Josefina face mold. Here she is next to current mini dolls. Her face is more similar to Rebecca and Julie (both with the Josefina face mold), than Kit and Caroling (classic face mold). Kit technically has dark blue eyes but Grace's blue eyes don't seem to match, although that could be a flaw with the photo.

Her meet outfit consists of a t-shirt with pink stripes and a decal of the Eiffel Tower with "Paris Je T'aime" (Paris, I love you) on it. The skirt is pink with a black bow in front.

Her boots seem like they're make of felt like material though it is hard to tell from the photo, with tassels on the sides.

It looks like next year's Girl of the Year box will no longer be the lighter pink it has traditionally been. Instead it will be purple (perhaps so it stands out compared to the new BeForever boxes?).

The cover of the first book for Grace shows her in front of a patisserie, wearing a beret (probably part of her meet accessories), and a small, white and black French bulldog in the corner. 

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