Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New American Girl Mystery Book Covers

Jenny on the American Girl Collectors forum found the covers for the new AG mystery books! Some of the mysteries seem to be new and some are the old mystery book with a new cover on the Georgetown Publications website. ^_^ It looks like each girl will have one mystery book (not sure what will happen to the old mysteries). Caroline, Kit, & Samantha will have a new story, and the other girls will have a new cover for an old mystery.

Addy: Shadows on Society Hill (New Cover, Old Book)

Caroline: The Smuggler's Secrets (New Book)
Josefina: Secrets in the Hills (New Cover, Old Book)

Julie: The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter (New Cover, Old Book)

Kaya: The Silent Stranger (New Cover, Old Book)

Kit: The Jazzman's Trumpet (New Book)

Rebecca: A Growing Suspicion (New Cover, Old Book)

Samantha: Danger in Paris (New Book)

I'm very disappointed that Addy, Josefina, & Kaya will not be getting a new mystery, especially since they each only have one in their collection. It seems awfully unfair to them, even though their single mystery is incredibly well written and engaging.

I am hopeful we will see some of these outfits pictured on the covers released, seeing how Samantha's coat is on the cover of her's! I am in love with Rebecca's yellow dress, though Caroline's yellow dress is just not really appealing to me. It looks like pajamas that tried to devour Big Bird (or maybe Cecile's Summer Dress?)... XD Julie's and Kit's cover outfits could end up looking wonderful in person as well, and I would squeal myself into fits if Addy had a work dress! ^_^

Link to the Georgetown Publications Website:


  1. The older mystery books seem to be written along the lines of a true mystery where some sleuthing goes on. The newer ones are not as good, so perhaps it is better Addy, Josefina, and Kaya don't have new ones. Or maybe that will be part of their new release in 2015. Who knows? :)

    1. I'm really curious to see what Josefina will get in her proper revamp next year! Hopefully she will get more mysteries. ^_^

  2. Can I just say, as Kit's been my girl since I was 7, that i don't like how much younger than the other girls she looks on the new book covers. On the older, hand illustrated covers her bob made her look more mature, but I think what AG was doing here was finding girls in the target age who looked like the character and taking pictures of them for the covers. Really AG? You couldn't have picked girls closer in age? You couldn't have found another blond girl willing to cut her hair?
    Everyone else's covers seem good, and I hope they reduce it down to one mystery per girl. Kit and Sam had like five apiece.

    1. I agree it's strange that Kit looks the youngest out of them, especially since Rebecca and Samantha practically look like teenagers. Instead of reducing it down to 1 mystery per girl, I'd love to see 5 (dare I say 10 LOL?) for every girl!