Sunday, January 19, 2014

Custom Book Illustration Caroline (MG Doll w/ Caroline Wig)

I always felt that based off of the illustrations, the MG mold would have been perfect for Caroline, much more than the classic mold. This is my first time making a custom. It was terrifying pulling the wig off of Marie-Grace, and if it wasn't a Jill's Deals and Steals doll I don't think I would have had the courage to do so. I'm really really really pleased with how it turned out though! MG mold Caroline is absolutely gorgeous! I like the aquamarine eyes with the light blond hair.

This is not the final doll. I am planning on turning her into a custom Sailor Moon doll so she's still waiting on an eye swap (heart be still!), but I really wanted to share MG mold Caroline with anyone else who is thinking of doing this custom. :D Truth be told, I think this version of Caroline looks so beautiful (more than the current AG Caroline) that I might be tempted to get another MG just to make my own Caroline for keeps.

Let me know what you guys think! MG mold Caroline vs. Classic mold Caroline? ^_^


  1. I think that Caroline should totally have had that face mould. I also think that Caroline's eyes would have looked ADORABLE in MG's mould too... Too bad they're both retired, or I probably would have attempted this........

    1. I agree! I would love to see Caroline's features in MG's face! :)

    2. :)I feel that the MG mold doesn't get enough attention, it's BEAUTIFUL!

    3. I agree! The MG mold is so versatile! I really hope AG gives it another try!

    4. The MG mold makes her look sweet and I love it.