Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mini Josie Downs a Bread Basket in Riverside, CA

Mini Josie has arrived at her next host's home in Riverside, CA! Take a look at the photos and update her new host family just sent:


 Mini Josie has arrived! Our family are excited for her stay mini and 18"! The mini girls are waiting for her to come while their older sisters open her.

They have prepared a bread basket and the room she will be staying at on her trip.

Caroline opens her up.

Caroline is so excited to open up her traveling case:

Hi everyone!

Mini Josie makes her way to her room.

The girls welcome her with a basket of bread.

After breaking bread Caroline shows her to her sleeping spot so she can rest from her trip. Elizabeth said this is her room and wants to be sure she is very comfortable. They will be spending a lot of time together.

To see more of Josie’s adventures, click here to view her Travel Log!


  1. Beautiful home. Wonderful Host. Great Companions. Great concept.

    1. Thank you Maxine! All of Josie's host do such creative things with her that I am always thrilled when I get an update on her status. ^_^

  2. Wait, so you're sending your mini Josie around to other people?


    1. Yes! Mini Josie is currently traveling around the world and staying with people from the AGPlaythings forum I'm a member of who offer to host her for a few weeks. They take her out to see the sights in their local area while she's with them. ^_^ It's a very fun experience for both the doll and me! (And hopefully the hosts as well.)