Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Photos of Leaked New Bitty Baby Hearts Outfit

This cute heart themed outfit that leaked on eBay looks like it might be the Valentine's outfit for Bitty Baby. If so, it will probably released on Jan. 1st. I have added it to the Master List of Upcoming AG Releases. ^_^

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases:

Original eBay Photos:
The dress itself is covered with a pink stripe print and hearts. You can see the Bitty Baby tag in the corner of the dress. The fabric itself looks pretty "cheap" in that it seems like just a basic knit from the photo, which is surprising since normally the Valentine outfits are a little dressier. 

Matching Headband

Baby Undies! :D

These matching print shoes make me laugh. It really feels like hearts overkill to me. XD 

Link to Original eBay Auction:


  1. I nominated you for a tag on my blog.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha! If it's Bitty it has to be cute!

  3. oh wow this looks like something I wore when I was two or three.

    1. Lol! I can't recall ever owning clothes this adorable. XD

  4. That is POSSIBLY going to be Bitty's New Valentine outfit! It is because the current Bitty Baby Valentine outfit, which is the Ruffles & Ribbons Outfit, is on sale.

    1. I'm fairly certain it will be! Good catch!