Friday, May 2, 2014

Mini Josie Celebrates May Day in San Diego, CA

5/1/14 - Another trip report here. Happy May Day! If you didn't see my first post announcing my arrival, you can find it Here. Today is still very hot (reminds me of where I grew up) but luckily not as windy as yesterday. 
I went to the school library with my host this morning. She was afraid I'd get into trouble if I stayed home alone.  What, me????? Regardless, the girls at the house were still cleaning up from Easter (yum, chocolate bunnies) so I thought this would be more fun anyhow. Lissie promised to teach us all to play hoops and lawn bowling later today. But I digress…..

Oh, look, that's where I grew up.

I'm on - top of the woooorld, lookin', down on creation……

Ok, fine, they told me to be quiet. I'm small - it didn't seem all that loud. So, I got put to work. First I had to check in the returns,

Then, pull out the ladder to help shelve books.

Oh, wait. I recognize these…

Almost there!

I think I'll take a break and read awhile….  

After we got home, Lissie held up on her promise, teaching Addy & I to play hoops.

Then, Emily took me to a neighborhood baseball game and taught me to use a mini loom. It was very different than the weaving I am used to doing.

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