Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mini Josie's Weekend in San Diego, CA

This weekend I went to the Girl Scouts Operation Thin Mint sendoff on the Midway aircraft carrier. The Midway (actually, the 3rd ship to be named the Midway) was commissioned from 1945- 1992. It opened up as a museum here in 2004. This event was to celebrate the scouts sending the cookies overseas.

Look at all these cookies!

I started by writing a thank you note.

Said hello to Uncle Sam.

Look at how big this place is (and we only stayed on the flight deck). 

Almost there….

Ready to go.

And a couple of other shots.

We left before the cookies flew away this year, but here is a photo from a previous year.

We also visited a yummy chocolate shop this weekend - my sisters would have loved this!

Look at all that chocolate being made back there, mmmmmmm.

This is just what I needed.

I think a small snack for later is in order.

Celebrating quatro de Mayo night! (The restaurant was too crowded on actual Cinco de Mayo night!) ^_^ 

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