Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mini Josie Goes to the Zoo in San Diego, CA

Josie had a fabulous weekend checking out the famous San Diego Zoo and their residents! Check out her report below! ^_^

Wow, what a weekend. This past weekend they took me to the zoo. Did you know they have pandas! I LOVE pandas. 

Of course the first thing we went to see were the pandas. On the way down there, I saw the coolest form of transportation. Can we go on that????? Later, they said.

My host said the line gets really long so it's good to be there early. Unfortunately, the pandas thought it was too early and were still snoozing. I saw Bai Yun (which means "White Cloud"). She turns 24 this year and the mom to all the cubs that have been born here. She looked like a cloud - or a rock covered in fur; I'm not sure which. We also saw her almost two year old, Xiao Liwu ("Little Gift"), nicknamed "Mr. Wu". I didn't show you a picture of him because he also looks the same; like a lump of fur. 

Partway through the day I started getting a complex because many of the animals just showed me their backside when I tried to say hi. The camel told me a joke though, and the wombat was active (the hosts said that was the first time they'd seen the wombat up and walking). When we got home, they read me the book, Diary of a Wombat. I laughed a lot!

We also saw koalas and a sleeping tasmanian devil. Isn't this little guy cute!  What's really special is that a few years ago, two of the koalas here were sent to the zoo in Stockholm, Sweden.  I may not be visiting them, but I will be visiting Sweden and will yell "Hallå" very loudly.  I was told that's Swedish for "hello".

Then we went toward big cat canyon to see the amur leopards (the world's most endangered large cat, with less than 40 left in the wild). We didn't take his photo because I ran into a little trouble. Arrrrgh -he's going to eat me!

I should be safe up here...

What do you mean they climb!?!?


Luckily, a nice lady saved me from the mountain lion

After that ordeal, I wanted something a little less "exciting". First though, I needed a snack!

Then, we watched the elephants and polar bears play (no, not together) and finally got to ride the skyfari. I was so lucky, my gondola had a picture of a panda on it!

Hi, ! Hi, Lissie, Sawako Lilly, Samantha, Cécile, Marie Grace and Lydia Charlotte! You can see everything from up here.

On the way out, I said hi to Janey, one of the orangutans here. Did you know she used to live with humans and likes to put on makeup! She just had her 52nd birthday last week.

Then, it was time to shop. I knew just what I wanted.

Hmmpphh! They said I had to be able to carry whatever I bought, drat. Oh well, this one is still cute. Maybe my sisters can help name her for me.  That's all for now; I'm off to nap.

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