Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mini Josie's Adventures in San Diego, CA

Hi all, especially to  and my sisters (and I think that number has multiplied since I was last home, but that's another story - as long as they don't forget about ME, I'm good)! I'm here in America's Finest City (aka San Diego) now. Today was the first day of touring and it was hot & WINDY, trees down and everything. My tour guides kept careful watch over me though so I didn't end up somewhere I shouldn't. 

I started out my day with the obligatory skyline photo. I wanted to hop on a boat but my guides said they didn't think the owner would like that.  Hmph! I think I could have been back before they even realized it.

Then, we went to Little Italy. Just look at all those goodies! I broke from my normal love of chocolate and settled on an espresso and a sfogliatella (try saying that three times).

We brought home some freshly made pasta to have for dinner.  I was hoping for the chipotle flavor (the reddish pasta next to me) but no such luck; something about being too spicy.  At least we didn't buy the one on the bottom right, it was squid ink (really)!

After satiating my appetite, we headed over to the first of the California missions, Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá. It was founded in 1769, before I was even born.

Here I am posing with Father Junípero Serra, who founded the mission.

Can you find me?

It was a great day! I'll send out another trip report soon, bye for now.

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