Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mini Josie Goes Shopping in Maui, HI

Josie has arrived at her host in the beautiful islands of Hawaii!

First, a bath and hair wash to clean off the exhaustion of traveling!
Geez. Let a girl have her vinyl cleaned and her hair washed, and she flips out. XD

Host: Uh, Josefinia?…
*She ignores me to go streaking* 

Mini Josie selected her own breakfast this morning. Sorry, Mini J, we’re going to let this lil’ thing keep growing. You’ll have to have papaya or spam, scrambled eggs, and rice instead. Sound good?

Josie changes into her lighter dress, and we head out to the mall.

Don’t forget the sunblock. That tropical sun is a lot stronger than the sun at home.

Making friends! (Like Where’s Waldo, but Where’s Mini Josie instead!)

Making even more friends!

Hanging out with the local wildlife? (there aren’t actually any monkeys in Hawaii, oh well!)

90s kids will recognize the POG logo. The drink is still sold in Hawaii (and it’s still delicious.)

It’s a pretty mall. Open air, as all malls on Maui are.

Let’s head back inside for some mochi ice cream. This is really popular in Hawaii.

Mini Josie: $8.75 for a newspaper, are you kidding me?! (to be fair, this IS today’s paper! how did they get it here so fast? it says Printed in California on it, but still, California’s a -long- way away!)

Finally, surfboards in Mini Josie’s size! Not for sale, alas. The hunt continues.

There’s a fair amount of President Obama merch available, since he’s a local boy! 

Mini Josie: Yay! Chocolate! Wow Wee candy bars are made in the town I’m staying in, and they are legitimately -awesome.- They’re as long as I am tall and *CRUNCH CHEW SNARF* oh are they good. I’m saving the wrapper from the one I’m eating now.


Mini Josie: I think I might take up a new hobby while I’m here. The neighbors across the street and a couple doors over are evidently into drag racing. Portia tells me she’s seen the blue car plenty of times before, but the white one was new. They were working on them yesterday, tuning them up, and holy smokes are they ever LOUD!!!! ... I wonder if I can fit these in my carry-on? … on the other hand, getting these anywhere near Lissie might be a dangerous thing.

Mini Josie: So I went shopping today. Don’t worry, I only spent $48,000. (None of the clothing or accessories anyone had on hand fit me, can you believe it? All of it has to be custom made in Milan and Paris. Ridiculous.) On the bright side, they’re putting a Prada in, and they’re hiring. I think I’m going to stay in Maui and work at Prada. 

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