Monday, April 20, 2015

Submit Your Idea to Mattel!

Clover-Elf on AGC received an email about an opportunity to submit your idea to Mattel through a partnership with Quirky, and kindly allowed us to share her post!

It seems Mattel and Quirky are teaming up and giving people a chance to submit their idea and create for Mattel's brands! The direct quote from the Quirky website is "We’re teaming up with Mattel, the worldwide leader in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of toys and family products, to let you reimagine how children play, learn, and grow. Through this partnership, you’ll get the chance to invent for some of Mattel’s biggest brands."

Link to Quirky's Page

I am unsure if this innovation only applies to the 5 big brands (Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, Barbie, Monster High, Thomas & Friends) or to all of Mattel's brands, including American Girl. However, American Girl is listed both on the page as well as in the video so it can't hurt to try right?

You can submit your idea to Quirky here:

There are only 3 basic requirements for your idea:
1) My idea is technically feasible. It can be made with current technology. 
2) My idea is a physical, consumer product. No apps or business plans, people! 
3) I have thoroughly researched my idea to make sure it does not already exist.

With that being said, let the ideas flow! ^_^ Attack them with your plans of a AG sized bathroom! Or better yet, a doll of color for GotY! A doll with an Islamic/Middle Eastern heritage! So many ideas!

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