Monday, April 27, 2015

Sawako Lilly's April Kimono

For the month of April, I think of rain and new growth! ^_^ Sawako Lilly's furisode (long sleeved) kimono this month features soft blossoms on a light blue background, reminiscent of rain and the promise it brings.

The furisode is made from chirimen (crepe) silk fabric, recycled from an antique human sized kimono. :)

The obi (wide belt) is bright green with an orange/red obijime tie and shibori (resistant dye) obiage (scarf) to match the orange accents in the obi tie.

Although the patterns on this furisode are not as flashy as some designs, the muted colors fit the imagery of a landscape misted over with rain, and the pattern is throughout the entire kimono.

The back of the obi is tied in the fukuro suzume (plump sparrow) musubi knot, which is traditionally used with furisode.

One of my favorite parts of this kimono is that when you get up close you can see the very subtle speckled pattern on the background, like the speckles on an egg. There are little birds flying throughout the kimono but you have to look closely to find them. ^_^

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to spring! Stay dry! ^_^


  1. Beautiful kimono, Sawako Lilly! It does look like the picture of spring! :)

  2. Oh,this one is my favorite so far. I love the peacefulness of the colors and patterns.

    1. Thank you! Even though it's such a muted pattern and color scheme, I think it's beautiful because of that. ^_^

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Kimono fabric is really different from anything you can find in a Joann's and the prints are all very lovely. :)