Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mini Josie prepares to leave Brazil

On some of the days that I didn’t go out of the house, I was able to listen to my host play the piano. She has been playing for about 12 years and she normally plays when she comes back from school in the afternoon to relax a little. It was great to listen to so many different songs and to learn a little about it!

While I was there, I met my host’s American Girl dolls, Annie (My AG #55), Felicity (the mini doll with glass eyes), and Maria (the Ruthie mini doll) along with her other non AG dolls. Although we didn’t take many photos together, I had an amazing time with them. They taught me a lot of the Brazilian culture, the Portuguese language, and thanks to them, I had a great time in Brazil.

It was very hard to say goodbye to them, but I’m very glad that I could meet them! They will always be in my heart!

As souvenirs, my host gave me the “pinhões” that we collected when we went on our nature exploration, the autumn leaf, a bonnet made by my host’s mom, and also a blanket also made by my host’s mom so I could sleep well and stay warm on my trip to my next host and on all of the other nights that I’ll be faraway from home. She also gave me some Reais coins, but they aren't shown in this photo.

This is my host. We had a great time together! I loved meeting her, her family, and her beautiful and amazing country. She also was super happy to meet me and very sad when I had to leave.

Many people have negatives thoughts and incorrect stereotypes about Brazil, but I think that if everybody tried to learn a little about this country, they would see how awesome and beautiful this country is! Just like other countries, they have a lot of problems and things to improve, but they face their hard days with a smile on their faces and so much positivity in their minds. I was super glad that I could come here and have an amazing time.

As they say there “Tchau!” (Goodbye!) 
-Mini Josie.

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