Thursday, November 12, 2015

Possible Upcoming Sale for Caroline, MyAG, Bitty, & Girl's Clothing

***Update 11/14/2015***
I finally had time today to look at the URLs of these links carefully and I am almost certain now these are not future sale items. When I look at the URLs of the current AG bundle links, they are very similar. For example, the bundle link for Samantha Doll, Book & Accessories is: 
You can see that this bundle set was called 02bun45. I believe the links below, especially to the Caroline items are for old bundle sets that were taken off the main website because the items are sold out. For example, the bundle set that used to be to Caroline's Work Dress & Calf is 02bun07.
Of course, this doesn't mean there is zero chance of these items appearing again and going on sale, but I personally would not bet on it and feel these links are not for future sale sets but old sets that are now discontinued. 

It looks like the season of sales is upon us in full force and AG has another big sale planned in the works. ^_^ These links have been circulating the Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups since this afternoon. The prices are not up yet at the time of posting this. I do not know if this will be a 30% Sale, JSD sale (I don't think so), or if this will even be a sale.

*NOTE* Take this news with a grain of salt please! Someone pointed out some of these links are from old Jill's Steals & Deals and may not work or be a part of a possible sale. The Caroline links are new, but once again, this is purely rumor and speculation mixed with some tentative hope right now. This sale is not confirmed! I just wanted to post the list just in case it does go live so people can know what to expect and easily access it. 

**Clarifying point: For the matching girls & doll outfits, I do not know for certain if the doll outfit is included or if it will be just the girl's outfit. I have included them in the list below but once again, I just want to make sure people know that is based off my best guess.

Caroline Bundles:
Includes: Caroline's Work Dress & Caroline's Calf Garnet

Includes: Caroline's Nightgown, Bed & Bedding, Cat Inkpot

Includes: Caroline's Winter Coat & Hat, Caroline's Ice Skating Set

MyAG/Truly Me Outfits & Accessories:
Includes: Sunset Sleepover Tent, Camp Treats Set, Trail Accessories

Includes: Happy Birthday Outfit, Birthday Accessories

MyAG/Truly Me Matching Girl & Doll Sets:
Includes: Double Bow Dress for Girls & Dolls

Includes: Flower Sweater & Skirt for Girls & Dolls

Bitty Accessories & Furniture:
Includes: Sweet & Sunny Swimsuit, Beach Snack Set, Beach Sun Shade

Includes: Sweet Dreams Wooden Crib, Sweet & Soft Canopy

Bitty Matching Girl & Doll Outfits:
Includes: Prima Ballerina Set for Girls & Dolls

Includes: Twirly Tiered Dress for Girls & Dolls

Includes: Purple Posies Outfit for Girls & Dolls

Includes: Mix & Match Teatime Set for Girls & Dolls

So in conclusion, and because I cannot stress this enough, be prepared there *may* be a sale, but don't be too disappointed if there isn't. :D I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. I am sharing information that may amount to nothing. You've been warned! ^_^


  1. Wow, looks like some crazy sales! Wonder if this will really happen?

    1. I'm curious too! I really don't want to get people's hopes up, but I didn't want people to be aware this could be coming so they can plan their purchases accordingly. :)

    2. Yeah. It's great that you are always here to alert all your readers of things like this!

    3. Hahaha! I can't take any credit! All the thanks and gratitude go to the amazing detectives who were patient enough to try out different URL combinations and share their finds with us. ^_^

    4. Haha, yep! It's great that people are patient enough to do that. :)

  2. I really like Grace's Pastry Cart. Do you think they'll have it on sale?

    1. It all depends on if AG has overstock or not. If you really want it and can afford it, then I would get it now just in case.

    2. I can't really "afford it" , since I don't have enough money saved up. I like it enough to buy it on sale, but not enough for full price. I really hope it goes on sale. It's a cute set, but not worth $150, in my opinion. But then again, it's the second biggest item besides Grace's bakery, so many people might buy it as a substitute.
      - American Girl Doll Artist

    3. I agree that most people are probably turning to the cart as a substitute now that the bakery is sold out. :/