Thursday, November 12, 2015

Potential Truly Me Valentine's Dress for 2016 Photos

A couple of days ago, an outfit leaked on eBay which appears to be next year's 2016 Valentine Dress for the Truly Me line. Going by the trend from previous years, my guess is this outfit will be released on January 1st, 2016 along with the Girl of the Year 2016 collection (since there are always a few items for the modern line in that release).

Two wonderful fellow collectors sent me photos of the outfit modeled on their dolls to share on the blog. 

*Please do not repost/share/claim these images without written permission.*

EBay Photos of the Outfit:

Close up of shoes
I think these sandals are adorable and perfect for the holiday!

Collector's Photos of Dress on Kanani:
The shoes Kanani is wearing do not go with this outfit. The dress is made from chiffon with an underskirt.

There is one layer of ruffles across the bodice of the dress.

The shoulder straps look off balanced to me because they are so thin.

Modeled on Lanie

Close up of heart sandals.

This outfit in a couple of eBay auctions has also been paired with these light pink shorts. I do not think the shorts come with the dress since the dress is long enough to cover them. 

It is definitely AG brand though, since it has the tag. Perhaps it's for a separate outfit?

Overall I was not a fan of this outfit from the eBay photos. It looked baby-ish, more suited for the Bitty line than the full sized AGs, but now that I've seen it on a doll, I'm really starting to warm up to the dress. I like the chiffon material and underskirt, which makes it look more grown up girl than baby girl. I'm still not a fan of the overly cutsy print, but the style and design of the dress is lovely. Although I think the heart sandals are really adorable, I do feel maybe this outfit has too many heart, almost to the point of being a costume.
I put this in the "Will buy if on sale" category. :D


  1. Interesting! I like the design of the dress. :)


    1. The sandals are my personal favorite! ^_^

  2. I think that the sandals are adorable! I am really not interested in the dress. Sharon

    1. Yes, I agree with you. The sandals are so cute but the dress is too "heart-sy" for my taste and it comes off looking more childish than I want my dolls to be. :)

  3. i honesty do not like the dress it seems like something a 3 year old would wear :(

    1. I do not like the dress either and feel it is too "kiddy" for my dolls personally. :/

  4. Hmmm....Looks like something from Build a bear!!! And, that tag on the shoe...PU-LEASE AG!!

    1. That tag is a tripping hazard for the dolls! XD